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Modern Automotive Performance

New X275 Drag Racing Class Legal GEN2 Pro Mod 85 Turbocharger Available

Posted on 23 March 2014

PTE has announced the addition of a new 85mm size turbocharger, specifically for the X275 drag racing class. Their line of revolutionary GEN2 Pro Mod turbochargers is expanding!

x275 drag racing turbocharger Precision Turbo and Engine has announced the addition of a new 85mm turbo for the X275 racing class. With an unparalleled dedication to the automotive world and a commitment to innovation, all of Precision's GEN2 Pro Mod turbochargers were designed with the hardcore enthusiast in mind while keeping X275 drag racing rules in consideration. Featuring Precision's exclusive Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA) on both the compressor and turbine sides, the new X275 Class Legal GEN2 Pro Mod 85 turbocharger offers unparalleled performance, great efficiency, less turbo lag, and can handle higher boost while offering massive power gains over older wheel designs of similar sizes. The turbocharger is rated to support 1,500+HP and comes standard with a T5 1.40 A/R turbine housing. PTE's GEN2 Pro Mod 85 turbocharger was built specifically for the X275 class and features an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing Center Housing (CHRA) for faster transient response and added thrust capacity. The housing and compressor assembly is an innovative one-piece design, manufactured from aluminum for improved durability, strength, and longevity. X275 drag racing Unlike anything else on the market today, Precision's X275 Class Legal GEN2 Pro Mod 85 turbochargers are set to be a serious game-changer in the world of turbo technology. For more information regarding Precision Turbos or to order a turbocharger, contact an MAPerformance sales rep at 651-348-8811. MSRP: $4,899.99

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