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  • DBA T3 5000 Series Slotted Rotor - Front | 2012-2016 Ford Focus ST (DBA52120BLKS)
  • DBA T3 5000 Series Slotted Rotor - Front | 2012-2016 Ford Focus ST (DBA52120BLKS)
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    DBA T3 5000 Series Slotted Rotor - Front | 2012-2016 Ford Focus ST (DBA52120BLKS)

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    DBA T3 5000 Series Slotted Rotor - Front | 2012-2016 Ford Focus ST (DBA52120BLKS)

    T3 5000 Series Slotted Brake Rotors by Disc Brakes Australia

    Take full advantage of your brake system with the DBA T3 5000 series brake rotors. These rotors are full of features and provide benefits desired by the track enthusiast and weekend cruiser alike.

    DBA's exclusive XG150 high-carbon alloyed iron and TSP process allows each rotor to withstand extreme heat without the serious degradation found in other, lesser rotors. DBA's patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation provides awesome heat dissipation, and their T3 slot design dampens vibration for quiet, responsive braking and pedal feel. To keep these rotors looking as great as they perform, DBA applies a protective paint onto the non-friction areas to prevent corrosion along with thermographic heat paint markings so that you can monitor peak braking temperatures.

    As you modify your vehicle and increase its power, you need to know that your brakes are up to the task. Reign in all of that speed safely with DBA T3 5000 series brake rotors.


    • XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron
    • T3 CNC Precision Machined Slots
    • Kangaroo Paw Ventilation System
    • Thermographic Temperature Monitoring
    • Corrosion Resistant Paint Protection
    • Rotor Diameter of 300mm
    • Rotor Thickness of 28mm
    • Rotor Height of 48.5mm
    • Center Bore of 63.6mm


    Purchasing this product gives you ONE rotor. TWO of these rotors are required for optimal performance.


    • 2012 - 2016 Ford Focus ST


    • Consistent and Effective Braking
    • Responsive and Smooth Pedal Feel
    • Minimizes Brake Fade, Warping and Cracking
    • Prolongs Brake System Service Life
    • Highly Durable Construction
    • Heat and Corrosion Resistant

    What's In The Box?

    • 1 - T3 5000 Slotted Front Rotor
    • Necessary Mounting Hardware
    • Instructions/Manual (if applicable)
    • Relevant Warranty Information



    Disc Brakes Australia Warranty