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Building a motor is intimidating and should be performed by an experienced engine builder who has all the right tools to complete the job. But sometimes, an engine builder may not be able to recommend internals if they're not familiar with your platform. If this is the case, you must seek out different calculators to help navigate the deep sea that is engine internals to find the best value for power!

One of the most commonly used calculators is a compression ratio calculator, which will help you narrow down on your goal CR while being a quick and easy way to test different engine internal setups. If you're tackling an engine build by yourself, you'll also find an engine compression calculator handy. You'll be able to find the value of the best engine internals for your power goals, allowing you to quickly move on to different, more enjoyable aspects of the build such as choosing the right turbocharger!

There are a few key items you'll need to know about your internals before you calculate combustion chamber volume, find your engine's optimal compression ratio, or find any volumes in general. Most of these can be obtained by checking out the product listing, giving us a call, or contacting the manufacturer of the internals you're planning on using. Not sure what they are? Check them out now.

  • Cylinder Bore: The width of the engine blocks cylinder.
  • Stroke Length: How far the piston will travel from TDC to BDC.
  • Head Gasket Specs: How thick the head gasket will be once compression, as well as the bore of the gasket.
  • Combustion Chamber Volume/cylinder head volume: Total volume of the area from the piston dome at TDC inside the cylinder head.

An engine compression ration calculator is a must-have tool for every engine builder, both novice and expert! Feel free to bookmark this page and share it with your friend so when the day comes for you to build your own engine, you're prepared and ready to impress with your healthy, powerful engine!

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Compression Ratio Calculator

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Engine Compression Ratio