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Tanabe GF210 Springs Evo 8/9
$237.50 $250.00

Tanabe GF210 Springs Evo 8/9
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MAPerformance sells several parts made by Tanabe including chassis braces, coil over springs and shocks, downpipes, exhaust systems, front pipes, lowering springs, mid pipes, over pipes, strut towers, strut braces, swaybars and swaybar accessories and Y-pipes. The company also has a sub-brand, Revel, that sells gauges. All of Tanabe’s products are made with customization or racing in mind, which means they are quality parts.

The company was founded in 1982 and takes pride in creating high-quality parts using the highest quality materials. Products are made to the standards of the International Organization for Standardization and the Japanese Industrial Standard. The products are engineered to perfection and race-tested so you are sure to have quality parts in your vehicle, whether you use them for racing or customizing your street vehicle.

Tanabe’s exhaust systems are made with performance in mind and have a pleasant low, deep tone. The packing material is new technology and very efficient. It is very efficient yet has a tone that is under 93db so has minimum noise for driving on the street. The slim-line oval canister has a dual wall and an angle-cut tip. You won’t need a silencer to drive your vehicle on the street with Tanabe’s exhaust systems.

The Tanabe Sustec Pro coilovers provide a customized and comfortable ride and is able to be tuned for different driving needs. Tune the system for maximum comfort while on a road trip or tune the system for sports driving when you want to have some fun out on the road. If you want to lower your vehicle, Tanabe coil springs made for lowering also give you a comfortable ride plus excellent handling. The springs are designed so they don’t sag. If you need a more rigid chassis, add the Sustec tower bar and underbrace. When you want to fine-tune your chassis, add the Sustec stabilizer bar.

Set up the perfect suspension for your driving habits and get 2 percent cash back through our MAPerformance loyalty point system. You’ll also get free shipping and insurance if your order is over $199. We also offer financing options.