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OBDII Diagnostic Tools & Displays

iCarsoft BM II Professional Diagnostic Scanner | BMW/MINI Multiple Fitments (ICA BMII)


iCarsoft i910 Professional Diagnostic Scanner | BMW/Mini Multiple Fitments (ICA I910-II)


iCarsoft MB II Professional Diagnostic Scanner | Mercedes Benz Multiple Fitments (ICA MBII)


iCarsoft BMM V2.0 Professional Multi-System Diagnostic Tool | BMW/MINI Multiple Fitments (BMM V2.0)


P3 Gauges V3 OBD2 Gauge | 2015-2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 / Mk7.5 (3P3VGT7)


AEM Wiring Harness For AQ-1 OBD2 Data Logger - 96inch (30-2907-96)

$249.80 $277.56
You Save 10% ($ 27.76)

AEM AQ-1 OBD2 Data Logger | 2008+ Vehicles w/ OBD2 (30-2501)

$449.98 $499.98
You Save 10% ($ 50.00)

iCarsoft CR Plus Multi-System Professional Diagnostic Tool (CRPlus)


iCarsoft CR Pro Multi-System Professional Diagnostic Tool (CR Pro)


iCarsoft BMM V2.0 Professional Multi-System Diagnostic Tool | BMW/MINI Multiple Fitments (BMM V2.0) - ***Cracked Screen***Returns For Sale

$173.71 $259.95
You Save 33% ($ 86.24)

iCarsoft i980 Multi-System Scanner | Multiple Mercedes-Benz Fitments (i980)


Chasing down a check-engine light problem in your car? An onboard diagnostic tool from Modern Automotive Performance will let you get to the root of your problem.

One of the advantages of engine management systems is the wide variety of information they can report. There are a multitude of reasons a check-engine light may switch on, and the car’s computer does a good job of reporting what the problem is.

While casual drivers are content with taking a trip to an auto parts store for a free check, the diagnostic needs of a racing enthusiast are much more immediate, however. We are making tweaks to the very systems that throw those lights, so we need access to that information immediately. Hauling our performance vehicle to the auto parts store isn’t exactly practical, after all.

That’s why we offer a line of OBD2 diagnostic tools for home and portable garages. These powerful computers communicate with your car’s computer and list the issues leading to warning lights and more. We’ve used a myriad of these systems and learned which ones work the best. We carry models from Dinan, AEM Electronics, PLX Devices and other trusted brands. These models attach easily and provide thorough readouts of issues affecting your car, letting you get to work. They can be easily stored in your home garage, or easily transported in your toolbox to nail down issues that develop at the track.

Whether you need a tool to use on a virtually professional basis or want a diagnostic tool for your home garage, we have a device that will earn its keep many times over. Contact us today and tell us what kind of needs you have for an OBD2 tool. We’ll point you toward a model you’ll love, and share tips and tricks for using it efficiently.

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