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What does an upgraded driveshaft do?

When it comes to your car, engine power is half the battle that determines whether or when you can get from point A-B or beat your competition. It's how much of that power makes its way to your wheels. Custom driveshafts do more than just reduce weight - less drag in turns means faster revs for your engine and higher peak power sent through your rear wheels. Additionally, aftermarket driveshafts are usually stronger than their stock counterparts, but stiffer too, resulting in a more efficient transfer of power to your wheels.

How much does a custom driveshaft cost?

Typically, a new driveshaft can cost between $400 and $1900. With some know-how, it only takes about an hour to replace.

MAPerformance carries custom driveshafts

For the best selection of driveshafts, axles, and shaft replacement parts, there's no better place to buy than at MAPerformance. We carry the highest-quality selection of aluminum shaft products and carbon fiber driveshafts on the internet. Shop from the best aftermarket wide range of drive shaft replacement parts at the lowest price on the web, guaranteed thanks to the MAPerformance Price Match Guarantee.

When it comes to series performance driveshafts, quality matters. That's why we sell only the best aluminum and carbon fiber driveshafts that enhance both the cosmetic and performance aspects of your car.

Buying a carbon fiber shaft assembly from MAPerformance, you'll get great perks like fast, free shipping on orders over $199, and a hassle-free 90-day return policy. We care about your part-buying experience as much as you care about your ride.