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Complete Aftermarket Longblocks

Planning for an engine overhaul? A complete longblock from Modern Automotive Performance will have you flying down the track. Our mechanics at Modern Automotive Performance have decades of collective experience working with engines and finding ways to improve them. The engine is the heart and soul of the car, and anything we can do to make it more powerful or efficient translates to higher speeds. But every engine has limitations. Despite applying every upgrade you can think of, your engine may not be able to keep up with your driving goals. When you hit that wall, it’s time for a new longblock developed specifically for higher power demands.

We know how hard you work on your project car, and we know how expensive a new longblock can be. That’s why our pit crew mentality is perfect for you: We are just as interested in protecting your investment as you are.

It starts with product quality: We don’t offer engines that we wouldn’t install in our own personal vehicles. Whether you choose a longblock from a trusted brand such as Tomei, or you use one made by our own in-house Modern Automotive Performance machining crew, you’ll get a longblock that passes extremely rigorous tests for performance. Once you receive it, we’ll be there to help you through the installation and the tuning. Other ways you’ll experience our industry-leading customer service: You’ll love our great prices, outstanding shipping rates and generous Loyalty Rewards program — all of which will save you money on your next upgrade.

So contact us today, and tell us what you drive and how you want to drive it. We’re happy to answer all your questions, no matter how detailed you want to get. Our mechanics will tell you what sort of longblock will work best for your situation. We’re all about helping automotive dreams become reality, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

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