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Boost Gauges – Dashboard Data –

Making performance upgrades to a vehicle requires making things more interesting. The increased air added through turbos means the engine burns hotter and more powerfully, for example. Overboosting is a thing, and the consequences can be expensive. An air fuel mixture can be either rich or lean — both of those terms mean different things for your engine.

In a nutshell: With great power comes great responsibility. Historical figures such as Winston Churchill, and William Lamb said this years before Uncle Ben told that to Peter Parker. While they were talking about something other than performance racing, the fact of the matter is that you are spending money on upgrades that carry some risk, and in order to protect you and yours from harm, you need to know exactly what’s going on inside those upgrades.

We have a large variety of boost gauges and other readout accessories to give you critical information about how your car is running. Since 2006 we’ve been testing all sorts of gauges and we’ve found the ones we love the best for how well they work seamlessly with your car’s electronics, how legibly they display data during a drive and how minimally they occupy space around the dash. In many cases, these gauges can also export critical information to a computer, helping you study exactly how well your latest improvements are performing.

At Modern Automotive Performance, our prices are low and our shipping is an even better deal. We start piecing your in-stock items on the same day you place your order. But what’s earned us one of the highest levels of respect in the performance industry is our customer service. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and will help you determine the best boost gauges for your vehicle and driving style.

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