8 Best Honda S2000 Mods | MAPerformance

8 Best Honda S2000 Mods | MAPerformance

Jan 21, 2022Austen Wageman

There's something about Honda S2000s that just makes drivers feel like kings and queens of the road. Maybe it's the engaging driving experience, or perhaps it's the car's legendary status on and off the track. After its release in 1999 (the AP1), the S2K quickly became known for its incredible speed and handling, making it a favorite among car enthusiasts. But the Honda S2000 isn’t just about speed. It’s also about style. This car is a head-turner no matter where you go.

The AP2 was released in 2004, and while it was a better version than the AP1, the aftermarket industry swooped in with its ever-loyal, unfailing mantra:

“There’s always room for improvement.

Even the best cars can be made even better with the right modifications. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the best mods for taking your S2000 to the next level. We will cover everything from accessory upgrades to suspension mods and everything in between. So whether you are looking to make your S2000 faster or just make it look a little cooler, we have you covered with the (in our opinion) the best modifications for that fun reliable sports car.

1. Exhaust

Installing an exhaust system is one of the best mods for your S2000 and also allows you to re-sell it as stock–all that's needed is reverting back the OEM exhaust system. An exhaust upgrade on your S2K will have you feeling the slight increase in power and hearing the exhaust note’s rumble convert to a roar when you accelerate.

To truly narrow it down, the three upgrades aftermarket exhaust systems like the HKS Cat-Back Exhaust for the S2000 brings are enhanced engine performance, better fuel efficiency, and a great look and sound.

S2000 catback exhaust by MAPerformance

Enhanced engine performance

With a custom exhaust system, you can instantly upgrade your power and torque without ever touching anything under the hood.

Better fuel efficiency

When your stock exhaust is replaced with an aftermarket exhaust like the cat-back system we mentioned, there’s less restriction in the tube. This means that your engine exhales easier and improves your fuel efficiency.

Great look and sound

An exhaust system for your S2000 will give it the look and sound that you've always wanted. Here are a few S2000 exhaust brands we’ve come to trust and love:

2. Suspension

Potentially thinking about aftermarket die-hards during the development stage, Honda did the right thing by installing a double-wishbone suspension on the S2000 model. With that, you can easily modify the suspension to your liking. When thinking about if a suspension upgrade is worth it or not, think about how your vehicle is handling vs how you'd like it to handle. If you're getting noticeable body roll when you're cornering or your S2K is nose diving upon breaking then there's a strong chance your stock suspension isn't performing the way it should.

When it comes to suspension upgrades, we suggest:

Lowering springs

S2000 lowering springs by MAPerformance

With aftermarket lowering springs, there is less weight transfer with a hard brake or when hitting the gas. This means you'll enjoy faster acceleration and quicker stops. You'll be able to redesign your ride height to optimize your suspension's performance, letting your car fully absorb road and track conditions for the ultimate traction.

Sway bars

s2000 sway bar by MAPerformance

Aftermarket sway bars are ideal for those looking to improve the S2K’s responsiveness and stability at high speeds or when cornering with no adverse effects on handling. They're stiffer than stock and lighter in weight so they don't affect performance or ride quality, but still offer the durability you can count on.

See all of our S2K suspension upgrade options here.

3. Intake

Upgrading the intake system on your Honda S2000 will allow for enhanced airflow. More air/oxygen means more power from your engine. Because your engine can breathe better, you'll see a slight horsepower gain and gain torque and acceleration as well.

For an uninterrupted airflow, we recommend the K&N Fipk Air Intake Kit. With guaranteed high-flow rates, a million mile limited warranty, and all the necessary hardware included for an easy bolt-on installation, it’s never been more simple to upgrade your intake.

s2000 air intake by MAPerformance

Is an S2000 cold air intake worth it?

Yes, an S2000 cold air intake upgrade is worth it. Not only will your engine be healthier because it’ll breathe more efficiently, but you’ll also be able to achieve more power and torque. See our Honda S2000 intake options here.

4. Drivetrain

If you’ve lowered your S2K or plan on lowering it, you’ll need to alleviate some of the resulting stress on your axles. When lowering the S2000, its driveshaft angle needs to be adjusted. Undesirable space is left on the inside of the driveshaft, causing the joints to unevenly wear. Installing axle half shaft spacers will reduce the wear and prevent the driveshaft from slipping.

s2000 axle half shaft spacers by MAPerformance

Features and more information of the spacers includes:

  • Spacers are designed for cars lowered 1.25" and lower.
  • Helps eliminate stress and associated wear at the CV joints
  • Spacers are stackable
  • Install hardware included
  • Black anodized
  • Comes with a lifetime Warranty

Take a look at all of our S2000 drivetrain components here. Which leads us to a clutch upgrade.

5. Clutch

If you're trying to get all of the power you can out of your car, you'll need a high-performance replacement clutch that can handle it. Aside from managing power, an aftermarket clutch kit can better control flat gear shifts, heavy launches, or the abuses of track days.

S2000 clutch kit by MAPerformance

High-performance clutches are a vital component in reducing weight and enhancing performance with the use of lighter-weight modern materials like aluminum or titanium. The link from you to the S2K's performance relies on the performance of your clutch.

Honda S2000 clutch master cylinder

If you’re looking for an S2000 clutch master cylinder that is fully compatible with stock and aftermarket clutch kits, ideal for road and drag racing, perfect for short shift kits, meets or exceeds OEM quality and fitment, and reduces clutch pedal travel, look no further than the BLOX Competition Series Clutch Master Cylinder.

Clutch master cylinder by MAPerformance

Browse our wide selection of S2000 clutch kits, flywheels, and more here.

6. Wheels

Installing a fresh set of wheels on your S2K isn’t just for the bling factor. Sure, the right rims will give you that aggressive, "don't try me" look, but it also will enhance your car's performance and handling. If you're competing, shaving off some wheelset weight will be essential to acceleration, energy efficiency, and endurance while driving. You know that mere seconds play a role when you're out on the track, so a wheel upgrade can be vital to crush the competition. We recommend Enkei RPF1 wheels for their weight savings (up to 20 pounds), legendary status in the aftermarket wheel industry (official wheel supplier of the McLaren F1 Team), and affordability. Despite being lightweight, Enkei wheels are some of the most durable wheels around and you’ll be hard pressed to find a wheel as versatile and reliable as the RPF1.

S2000 wheel by MAPerformance

That said, if you wanted to take a look at our whole selection of wheels and rims, you can find them here.

7. Short hubs & steering wheels

A great quality steering wheel is essential for racing, track days or just maneuvering in and out of traffic. In fact, one of the most common aftermarket upgrades among Honda owners is a steering wheel replacement. It enhances your driving experience as aftermarket steering wheels are often a better fit and smaller in general, allowing for quicker and precise steering response. Stock steering wheels do the job, but that’s about it. They don’t quite have the responsiveness, grip, and look as aftermarket steering wheels have.

And when you install an aftermarket steering wheel, you’ll need an S2000 short hub to go with it. Grab one at an affordable price here.

Maperformance lets you take the wheel with aftermarket steering wheels and accessories that feel great in your hands.

8. Front lips

It goes without saying that front lips simply look great. They add an edgy, aggressive look to an already great looking car. Looks aren't everything though. They deal in aerodynamics as well, changing airflow above and underneath vehicles to reduce wind resistance and create more downforce to unlock more grip at higher speeds.

We recommend the GReddy GRacer Front Lip Spoiler. Besides looking slick, it reduces air flow beneath the vehicle and directs air to important areas like your radiator and intercooler.

S2000 front lip by MAPerformance

On the hunt to spruce up your machine? Check out these different options for S2000 exterior accessories:

9. Bonus - Instrument cluster swap

You may be looking for a new dash for upgrade or functional purposes. You can swap it out for a new, slick-looking instrument cluster. All you need is this S2000 dash cluster converter.

S2000 cluster converter by MAPerformance

It was designed to take the "I think this wire goes here..." confusion and headaches out of the Honda S2000 cluster swap. You can easily make adjustments to 3 separate functions: Speed, Coolant Temp, and Fuel Level.

Features taken from the product:

  • Speed - Converts speed signal from gear-type and magnetic to the digital signal needed for the S2K Cluster NOTE: Once converted the speed signal remains adjustable a further 25% +/- for very accurate speed calibration.
  • Coolant Temp - Converts the dash coolant temp signal to read properly on the S2K cluster. This is preset in the unit but can be adjusted if needed.
  • Fuel Level - Allows manual adjustment to the fuel gauge on the S2K cluster to match the gas tank on the swap vehicle. Adjustments are made via a small brass dial located on the bottom of the unit.

Honda S2000 Upgrades: What Should You Do First?

  1. Exhaust
  2. Intake
  3. Handling (Wheels, steering wheel/hub)
  4. Suspension (lowering springs, sway bars)
  5. Drivetrain
  6. Front lip
  7. Clutch kit
  8. Instrument cluster swap

The S2K is a solid, versatile car with many options for modding. We know you want to make your car unique, so we're standing by to help you find the best modifications and different options for you. Want to learn more about modifying the Honda S2000? Get in touch with MAP’s experienced experts.

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