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GM LS Series Engines | LS1 Torque Plate for Machining Process.

Posted on 20 March 2014

If You're Thinking about Rebuilding a GM LS Series Engine, You Might be Interested in our LS1 Torque Plate

Simulating cylinder head distortion is important during the honing and boring process, as it ensures that the same constraints are available when the cylinder head is bolted to the block. By using this Torque Plate, you can be confident that your machine shop is performing perfect work on your block. No more questioning accuracy and precision. ls1 torque plate from MAP Using beautiful billet aluminum, this 2" thick piece is CNC machined here at our Minnesota based performance shop. Suitable for bore sizes up to 4.1", this plate includes spacers for proper penetration into your GM LS series block. If you're looking to produce BIG power levels with your LS1 or similar GM LS Series engine, this is a must-have product! ls1 torque plate


  • CNC machined from 2" thick billet aluminum
  • Includes spacers for proper depth of penetration into your GM LS series block
  • Suitable for bore sizes up to 4.1"
  • 100% Made in the USA
Available for only $364.99 Part number: MAP LS-TQP

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