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XXR Wheels & Rims

XXR Wheels Across Multiple Fitments Available

Equip your performance vehicle with XXR Wheels from Modern Automotive Performance and enjoy some of the most innovative designs without sacrificing strength or durability.

Our mechanics at Modern Automotive Performance tend to focus on how well a product works, without paying much mind to how it looks. That mindset changes when it comes to wheels: We still demand superior strength and light weights for better handling and acceleration, but we also want wheels that offer a unique look.

That’s why we love XXR Wheels. For about four decades, this company has led the pack in design, fitment and affordability. Its aluminum alloy wheels feature some of the most advanced manufacturing methods and product testing. We’ve tested plenty of wheels at Modern Automotive Performance, and a set of XXR Wheels has never disappointed us with its performance.

MAPerformance carries the Best Selection of XXR Wheels

No matter what design you choose, you’ll get a superior, eye-catching wheel that adds attitude and response to your Mitsubishi Evo, Ford Mustang, Scion FR-S or other performance vehicle. XXR Wheels offers a variety of bolt patterns, sizes, offsets and finishes. Whether you’re going for a classic look with a 565 Super Star or 537 Nostalgic, or an aggressive style with the 559 Slingshot or 566 Mach 5, you’re going to love the look of XXR Wheels on your baby.

So tell us all about her: What do you drive and how do you want to drive it? We want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance, so we’ll listen to your goals and point you toward the best set of XXR Wheels for your needs. We don’t stock products we wouldn’t install on our own personal vehicles, so you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from making a good investment. We’ll get to work packing your order as soon as you place it, and we’ll help you save money with our amazing prices, outstanding shipping rates and healthy Loyalty Rewards program.

XXR Wheels