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Keep your turbocharger in top condition by equipping it with a turbo timer from Modern Automotive Performance.

Like everything on a performance vehicle, the things that provide advantages must be monitored and used responsibly. That’s especially true of a turbocharger: Using it too much can lead to premature wear and early failure.

A turbo timer is an ingenious device that monitors use to prevent that damage from ever happening. In a nutshell, the timer will keep your engine running so that it can cool down properly. An overheated turbocharger will eventually cool itself, but only if the engine is idling.

Some drivers find these units redundant or wasteful, because they believe they can monitor turbo use and keep it shut down manually. But we can’t think of a bigger waste than running an expensive turbocharger into the ground. You’ve already made investments into fittings, vents, wastegates, blowoff valves or other ways to ensure the turbo gets the job done. A turbo timer is a great device for protecting the charger making all that extra horsepower possible.

We are fans of the HKS Turbo Timer, and we offer several different wiring harnesses for your vehicle, whether it’s a Subaru, Mitsubishi or whatever. We always advise visiting our Turbo Superstore and using our turbo calculator to know some key stats about your setup.

From there, get a hold of us and ask us any questions you have about overheating turbos. We’ll be your personal pit crew and give you solid advice about how a turbo timer can be part of how you want to drive. Our customer service, competitive prices, outstanding shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program will show you that we are focused on helping you make your automotive dreams become reality.