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Volk Racing TE037 6061

Among a number of aluminum alloys, the strongest of them all is the Ultra Super Duralumin, which has been adopted for the TE037 DURA. Maintaining the continuous metal grain flow through RAYS Original Design Mold Form Technology, the Ultra Super Duralumin demonstrates its original strength.

The design is based off the 2017 SUPER GT500 while strength and lightness was optimized, while keeping true to the traditional RAYS six spoke configuration. The vertical wall of the spoke side is a redution to thickness, which is a process applied to competition wheels, while actively machining and further drilling pockets.

This proved a success in weight loss of 300 grams by this side pocket hole processing. Optimum shape has been developed for each section and shape to prove maximum strength and rigidity of the wheel. With repeated research, the finish has been painted to a Brightening Metal Dark Color to enhance the beauty of the original aluminum.

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