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SR22KIT 86.5mm (R)PS13/S14/S15 by Tomei

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EJ22KIT by Tomei

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Mechanics get ripped off from one of most beautiful mechanical dances going on in a car. Think of those pistons getting pushed in each cylinder in perfect, split-second timing, turning the connecting rods faster and faster. And we don’t get to see any of that — all we get is the sound of each rev and the sight of a spinning crankshaft.

We’re OK with that. Even though we can’t see those internals working, we know they are. And using high-quality engine internals ensures that dance continues no matter what demands you’re placing on the engine.

Since 2006, we’ve been working on upgrading engines for racing and other high-performance applications. Because the adjustments and upgrades we make put a lot more heat and stress inside the engine, it’s important that those pistons, rods and shafts are made to handle that harsh environment. We’ve tested a lot of products, and know what produces results on the track. Brands such as Manley, AMS Performance, Brian Crower and Tomei have earned outstanding reputations for innovation and quality, and we’re proud to offer them to our customers. We even make components in-house for rebuilds, using high standards for machining quality.

An engine rebuild is no simple evening project. Let us be your pit crew: Call or email us and tell us about the project you have in mind and your racing aspirations. Whether you want a rebuild that gives a little more oomph on the street or a higher stage of racing on the track, we’ll steer you in the right direction, and answer every question you have. We also put together stroker kits that bundle all the parts you need for even more savings.

We’re dedicated to helping automotive dreams become reality, and we do that with big discounts on the best products, stellar customer service, incredible shipping deals and fast delivery. We’ll help you get down the road faster and for less money.

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