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So you’ve just finished upgrading your intake manifold, cylinder heads, supercharger system, fuel injectors and every other major component for your next big event. Now allow us to ask: why would you think ordinary pump gas is going to get the job done? High-quality performance engines need high-quality performance fuel, and after all the time and effort you’ve put into increasing your horsepower potential, you can’t let that potential go to waste. Seriously, that’d be like buying the best guitar at the store and then getting a 10-watt amplifier. With performance race fuels from MAP, you’ll boost your octane racing and turn that potential into reality.

We have race fuel solutions for both gasoline- and ethanol-powered cars. Race Gas race fuel concentrate is designed to be mixed with regular base gas for immediate gains, and is free of lead and other dangerous additives. Raise the rating of even 87 octane pump gas as high as 109 octane for use in high-compression engines. Our handy mixing chart tells you how much concentrate to add for various octane ratings. If your car has been converted for ethanol use, pick up a sealed drum of E98 ethanol racing fuel. A highly controlled production process ensures that every batch is brewed exactly to 98 percent ethanol and 2 percent gasoline for maximum burning efficiency and cooling.

These affordable race fuels were developed by the best chemists in the world, and have been tested in the fastest race cars and modified street cars, including our in-house race car. Each case has seen demonstrable gains in power, torque and throttle response – which are really the holy trinity of performance. Order today to ensure your engine will be operating at peak wattage in every straightaway and corner exit. Contact us by phone or email for expert race fuel advices, or to request a shipping quote for our drums of fuel. (And if you race under a sanctioning body, of course check to confirm if the fuel you want is allowed before ordering.)