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There are a lot of moving parts in your street car or race car, and they all need to be working just right if you want to top the leaderboard. For more than 40 years, Prosport gauges and accessories have kept tabs on vehicles from bumper to bumper. This Florida-based company is best-known for its high-performance gauges but makes many other products for getting the most out of your EVO, WRX, Fiesta or Neon.

High-Quality Prosport Gauges for Sale

Modern Automotive Performance is a complete Prosport Gauges dealer with all their best parts in stock. Their universal gauges provide stunningly accurate information and just look cool on your dashboard. And there are a lot of them to choose from. Prosport makes speedometers, tachometers, oil pressure gauges, boost gauges, voltmeters, water temperature gauges, air-to-fuel ratio gauges and many others. Their Premium vehicle gauges have peak/warning functions, long plug-and-play sending harnesses and the ability to daisy-chain. You can upgrade to Supreme, JDM or Premium EVO gauges that are waterproof or stick to the basics with the Performance gauge line. Sort by part type or give us a call if you need help with your search.

Want to get a little more from your car? Use Prosport performance accessories to plug the performance gaps. They have developed turbo blankets and boost controllers to get the most out of your turbocharger. Prosport header pipes and header wraps will also coax more horsepower from the engine. Little things such as their hood struts, pedals, spark plug covers and drain plugs can add a lot to a car’s reliability. You’ll also find all the hardware needed to install your new parts and gauges.

The Best Selection of Prosport Gauges

Shop at Modern Automotive Performance if you want the same Prosport gauges and parts that are used by professional racers around the world. Whether you want digital, analog, mechanical or electrical gauges — or need a different part altogether — there’s an option that will perform the way you need it to. Check out all the 5-star Prosport reviews and you’ll see it’s not just us talking.