Nissan 350Z Transmission Components


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What transmission is in a Nissan 350Z?

To determine what transmission is in a 350Z, let’s take a look at both automatic transmission and manual transmission. 

Automatic transmission

  • Planetary gears - allows the 350Z to move forward and backward in a range of speeds
  • Clutch - to control gear shifts 
  • Bands - bands tighten under pressure for more turning control
  • Torque converter - keeps the 350Z from stalling 
  • Valve body - has hydraulic fluid that engages the clutch and band in order to shift gears

Manual transmission

  • Clutch disc - transfers torque from the engine to the entire transmission system
  • Clutch pedal - disengages the clutch by tapping on the pedal with your foot
  • Synchronizers - synchronizes speed between the gear and collar
  • Flywheel - responsible for sending torque from your engine to the clutch disc
  • Gears - slows down the speed of the vehicle/allows the vehicle to drive faster
  • Selector fork - lets collars move on the output shaft
  • Stick shift - allows you to manually shift gears and different gear ratios
  • Collar - by manually selecting gears, the collar’s main responsibility is to lock the gear selection in place

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