Nissan 350Z Brake Rotors


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How can you tell when a brake rotor is bad?

The first sign of bad brake rotors is the noise they make. If you notice high-pitched squealing or scraping sounds coming from your vehicle, it might be time for new brakes rotors!

Brake rotors are an important part of your Nissan 350Z brake kit. They are the curved metal discs that you see attached to the axle and they serve as a mechanism for slowing down your vehicle. Brake pads press against the rotor which creates friction and slow down the rotation of the rear wheels. Over time, brake rotors can go bad.

Nissan 350Z rear brake kit parts are a great way to upgrade your rear brakes. Upgrading is as simple as installing new rear rotors and brake pads replacement parts onto the existing rear axle assembly of your vehicle. This will replace any worn down or damaged pieces with brand new ones, giving you superior stopping power. 

How much should brake rotors cost? 

Nissan 350Z rotors range from $25 to 75 each, depending on which one you need.

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