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Whether you want to put your car on a diet or you just want a customized hood, Modern Automotive Performance has many hoods made of carbon fiber. Hoods made from this material are strong and can withstand any type of racing or just driving around town. Find hoods with higher cowls to cover aftermarket engine modifications and to provide better airflow into the engine compartment—and to give your vehicle a new aggressive look.

Carbon fiber is great for making many parts, including hoods, because it is so strong and light. If you're a racer, you know that every pound counts. Carbon fiber parts drop pounds from the car. If you figure every 100 pounds is a tenth of a second, you can shave off a bunch of weight by using carbon fiber hoods, fenders and other parts. This also makes the hood easier to take off and put back on by one person. If you're just looking for a customized hood, carbon fiber is also great because the options are great, whether you want a lower hood, a higher hood or something with customized air vents. Carbon fiber is paintable or you can leave it as it comes--although most people paint it the same color as the vehicle. 

Our carbon fiber hoods at MAPerformance are also high in chemical resistance, can withstand excessive heat and have low thermal expansion. We have hoods for several makes including Subaru, Honda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Scion, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus and BMW. We also carry hood protectors for several models of pickup trucks. Brands we carry include Agency Power, PasswordJDM and Seibon.

Seibon Carbon hoods are hand-crafted to fit each vehicle and are very stiff. Other brands are also stiff even if they are not hand-crafted. You can use the vehicle’s stock hood springs or hydraulic cylinders and latches to attach the hoods, though you should also use hood pins to be on the safe side. Take note that some hood springs or hydraulic cylinders may be too stiff for the hood. If so, just replace the springs with a lighter spring. Or, if your vehicle has hydraulic cylinders to lift the hood, use a cylinder with less pressure.

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