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Fuel Rails, Kits & Adapters

Fuel Injector Clinic '04 -'06 STi or '05-'06 Legacy GT Top Feed Conversion Fuel Rails with -8 Inlet & -6 Return Fittings / RL STi -8/-6

$186.20 $190.00
You Save 2% ($ 3.80)

Fuel Injector Clinic Supra 2JZ-GTE Fuel Rail (-8 / -6 Fittings) RL SUPRA -8

$245.00 $250.00
You Save 2% ($ 5.00)

Fuel Injector Clinic Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Fuel Kit with -8 Inlet & -6 Return Fittings / FKT 145 -8

$421.40 $430.00
You Save 2% ($ 8.60)

Tomioka Racing Bolt-On Side Feed Fuel Rail Kit (Subaru Impreza GC8 V5-V6 EJ20) TR-FS1003


Tomioka Racing Bolt-On Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit (Subaru STi GDA/GDB EJ20) TR-FS1004


When you’re looking to squeeze every bit of horsepower out of your engine coming down the quarter-mile or out of the chicane, you need every bit of fuel coming in. Many modern performance motors have even gone to multiple fuel injectors to increase fuel-delivering capabilities – but like your local mail carrier, they’ll only deliver what’s brought to them. With their ability to feed individual solenoid valves, fuel rails have become a popular alternative to fuel pumps for these direct fuel injection systems. Adding a high-performance fuel rail from Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll deliver the motherlode on the track.

Our selection of high-volume fuel rail pumps are made from the highest quality machined aluminum, with fuel bores capable of supporting the high horsepower you’ll be putting out. Real-world testing ensures they’ll perform when you need that extra edge. From the AMS Evo 8 fuel rail with a 160 percent bore increase over stock, to the IAG V2 Top Feed fuel rail that converts your Subaru from a series feed to a parallel feed, each rail is designed to maximize flow capabilities and increase your power ceiling. The larger bore sizes also dampen the back pulses from larger fuel injectors, but are more than capable of working with your factory fuel injectors and fittings.

Complete fuel rail kits include performance fuel lines, a fuel pressure regulator, fittings and hardware to your new fuel rail system. MAP also carries fuel rail adapters that make it easy to connect to your existing fuel injectors, pressure regulator and ports without major modifications. Use our fitment tool to ensure you get a fuel rail that fits your ride – or if you’d rather talk to a real person, you can call our shop at 1-888-MAPERFORMANCE for advice from expert mechanics. We promise to only steer you to the best parts at the best prices, and we’ll ship any order over $199 for free the same day – because we deliver the motherlode too.

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