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Camber Bolts & Bushings

What are camber bolts?

Camber bolts are essential components for alignment and help drivers properly align the wheels of their performance vehicles. Accurate alignment ensures that you’re decreasing wear on tires whether it's a curved course or straight track.

Camber bolts help keep performance vehicles running smoothly by making sure their camber is set at an accurate angle before each track session so they can maximize the potential of downforce during accelerations ̶ all while saving money from unnecessary tire replacement.

Do I need camber bolts?

If you’re a performance driver, camber bolts are a great way to increase or decrease your car's camber. They can also be used after an alignment has been damaged at the track.

The best part about using camber bolts? You get both increased cornering power as well as returning wheel alignment back into proper specifications.

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