XForce Varex SmartBox Exhaust Control Unit (VKSB01)

Varex Muffler / XForce Exhaust
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Varex SmartBox Exhaust Control Unit by XForce Exhaust

Varex Smart Box is a control device that allows the user to manually and automatically adjust the exhaust sound level of their Varex exhaust system. Users can operate and make change to the Smart Box via a Smartphone App connected through Bluetooth, providing an exceptionally reliable and smooth experience. The Smart Box can be run in two modes: Manual Mode and Matrix Mode.

In Manual Mode you can select the 5 pre-set valve positions, which are default to be “Closed”, “25%”,”50%”,”75%” and “Open”. XForce also designed a function to let users make pre-set valve positions by simply holding down a button. Also for those users who still want the touch and feel of the old key fob, theres is something just for you. There are two arrow buttons on the bottom of the screen, which imitate the old key fob button operations. You can see the turning progress displaying on the Smart Phone screen to indicate what the valve position is.

Matrix Mode is for vehicles with OBD2, and will allow the Smart Box to automatically control the exhaust valve based on real time information from the vehicle. Smart Box locates the sound by three vehicle parameter value ranges: Engine RPM, Throttle Position and Speed. We call the parameters value range the “Band”. On the Smart Phone App is a very user-friendly interface to pick the right band value. The "Band Snap" feature is simple to use, even though it requires assistance from a fellow passenger. The user simply drives the vehicle, and at the moment when the exhaust sound that you want becomes prominent, the assistant just taps the “Band Snap” button within the App, causing the Smart Box to automatically assign a band value range for each parameter. Users can further fine tune the band range later.

Another feature included with Smart Box is the 'GEO' function. Using this function through the smart phone app, users are able to define a region on a map, and then set a particular exhaust sound for that location. This feature is perfect for people who want their vehicles to be on the quiet side when driving through places like towns and cities, but then come to life on the free-way.


  • Manual Mode: Manual precision adjustment of VAREX exhaust valve positions
  • Manual Mode: Set User-defined pre-sets that can be accessed at any time
  • Matrix Mode(OBD2 Only): Defines sound by receiving RPM, Throttle, and Speed info real-time
  • Matrix Mode(OBD2 Only): Band-Snap function simplifies finding the proper band range
  • Matrix Mode(OBD2 Only): Automatically adjusts sound levels based on pre-defined parameters
  • GEO Mode: Allows pre-set sound profiles to be assigned to user-defined regions on a map


  • Fits Vehicles Equipped with a Varex Exhaust System 
  • Might not be compatible with some of the Varex Mufflers.
  • Might be compatible with non-Varex mufflers or variable exhaust valves.
  • The Matrix Mode only works when the vehicle is equipped with OBDII.

What's in the box?

  • 1 - Varex SmartBox
  • Necessary Wiring and Hardware
  • Instructions/Manual
  • Warranty Information




XForce Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Danny Mosley
This box is really smart!

The XForce Varex SmartBox is a dream come true. Besides trying to figure out where to hide the wires, the set up is effortless. Once installed, the fun begins.

The Varex exhaust system is so much easier to control with the Smartbox. You can make valve position selections at the push of a button with the mobile app. For those of you who don't want to be bother with opening the app often. Simply place the controller in Geo mode, define your regions on the map and forget it. The SmartBox will do the rest.

I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with my purchase. If you have the Varex exhaust system installed on your car, do not hesitate to make the purchase of the SmartBox.