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  • Quartermaster 8-Leg Street Clutch Kit (Evo X) 2897P2635 - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Quartermaster 8-Leg Street Clutch Kit (Evo X) 2897P2635 - Modern Automotive Performance

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    Quartermaster 8-Leg Race Clutch Kit W/ HRB (Evo X) 2897R1635

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    Quartermaster 8-Leg Street Clutch Kit (Evo X) 2897P2635 - Modern Automotive Performance

    2008-2016 Evolution X Quartermaster Twin - Race Friction Disc & Race Flywheel

    Drawing on an extensive, race-winning heritage, Quarter Master® designed the all new 7.25" Mitsubishi Evo Race Clutch to perform well in a broad range of Evo X racing platforms. The new clutch utilizes eight integral steel hardened legs to provide a much longer lifespan than one-piece aluminum covers where the floater and pressure plates have a tendency to wear into the drive legs. The 8-leg design also reduces stress on drive legs by 25 percent and creates a stiffer cover and smoother range on the diaphragm spring motion. A lower moment of inertia and gear drive friction design allow for quicker, smoother shifts. In addition, the gear drive clutch hub is located on the friction pack to enable easier transmission installation, much smoother and quicker shifting, improved input shaft wear and increased hub strength.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Integral steel leg design prevents floater and pressure plate wear into the drive legs & reduces stress by 25%
    • Rebuildable design ensures an extra long service life
    • Gear drive clutch hub is located on the friction pack to enable easier transmission installation, smoother & quicker shifting & improved input shaft
    • Lower moment of inertia & gear drive friction design allow for quicker, smoother shifts
    • 2-Disc design is great for use in drag racing, drifting & road racing Evo X applications up to 800 HP
    • Includes the ultra-reliable Universal Hydraulic Release Bearing and adapter to replace the stock unit. This will convert the troublesome pull-style actuator to a more reliable and smoother feeling push-type release bearing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Good product, poorly packaged

    Car: 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution MR
    Miles on Clutch: 1200
    Driving Style: mostly street, moderately fast

    There are a lot of mixed reviews out there for this clutch and throw-out bearing. All of the reviews are correct... There is a lot of rattling and squealing from this clutch. It's slightly worse than the ACT 6-puck I previously had. The pedal feel is lighter than stock, with very low modulation (you don't want to slip this clutch, it won't really let you). High speed shifts are extremely smooth! You can drive this clutch in traffic, but you must drive the proper way: don't slip the clutch to move along slowly, don't slip the clutch to keep your position on a hill, and pay attention to take-off from start or it will mostly likely stall out. Since those are all normal rules for driving a manual it shouldn't be a problem.

    The throw-out bearing for the Evo 6-speed has 3 bolt holes that aren't used. The bearing mounts around the transmission output shaft using a bushing. I haven't noticed any problems from that, but I don't like the idea of anything inside my transmission not being bolted down...especially something that close to the rotating clutch assembly.

    The kit did not include a clutch alignment tool. The hydraulic fittings do not work with the stock Evo clutch line. The starter motor requires a shim to prevent it from continuously being engaged with the flywheel (shim not included in the kit). There are no installation instructions for the kit.

    So far I like the clutch, but I can't give it a glowing recommendation considering all of the missing pieces in the kit.

    Quarter Master

    I love this clutch!!

    An excellent clutch for 800hp+ car.

    Around town driving isn't difficult, but takes some getting used to. With all of the sound deadening on an X, the clutch shatter isn't very noticeable inside the cabin. I have put 20+ passes and 1500 miles and haven't had to shim it yet. The only complaint I can give about this clutch is when you let off the clutch it makes a squall noise. If you are at the power level that requires a clutch of this caliper, this is the the best value.

    Best Evo Clutch Ever!!!

    I had the 6leg version before this one, and it was a bit of a pain to DD. It was finally time to upgrade, and upgrade I did. This is by far the best clutch I have ever had in the evo. Ability to hold 600+tq, and is very streetable. The engagement is much better than the 6leg, and decel noise is almost all gone. Overall I would say this clutch is only a little more harsh when compared to a Exedy Twin. The pedal feel is amazing with the HTOB. High RPM shifting is butter smooth. The clutch does cheerp a little when leaving from a stop, and when the clutch pedal is pressed the plates still rattle a little, same for every multi plate system.

    A great racing clutch!

    After a lot of deliberation, I decided to pull the trigger on this clutch, and am very happy that I did! The peddle pressure is pretty soft and you won't have to worry about a clip popping off the pressure plate! I don't recommend the race version if you intend to drive it in stop and go traffic, starting from a stop is a little more challenging due to the lower weight of the flywheel. The clutch performed well at the drag strip! No hiccups, smooth shifts, and nice and predictable during the launch. Overall it is a great clutch for the track!