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  • Prosport Digital 52mm Air Fuel Ratio and Volt Gauge (216SAFLED-AMB)
  • Prosport Digital 52mm Air Fuel Ratio and Volt Gauge (216SAFLED-AMB)
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    Prosport Digital 52mm Air Fuel Ratio and Volt Gauge (216SAFLED-AMB)

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    Prosport Digital 52mm Air Fuel Ratio and Volt Gauge (216SAFLED-AMB)

    Prosport Digital AFR Gauge

    This is the first of one of the coolest product lines we are developing. This digital gauge is like having two gauges in one. We started with a standard Air Fuel Gauge and instead of wasting the valuable real estate in the center of the gauge with our logo we utilized that space to display the A/F & Volts Digitally. It will display Air/Fuel ratio around the outside while digitally displaying??both A/F or volts. When the red "volt" light comes on you know you are reading volts (displays for 50 seconds) and if the light is not on the digital display is Air Fuel Ratio. Using a switch on the back you can even turn off the volt feature and run AFR all the time.
    This gauge can be set to read narrow band (02v) or wideband (0-5v) with the flick of a switch in the back of the gauge. That means that you can now use this gauge with your stock narrow band O2 sensor or use it with a control unit like innovate to display a 0-5v signal.

    Don't be left in the dust as Prosport continues to set the trend. This gauge also incorporates our opening ceremony/Self check each time the vehicle is started.


    • Amber Display
    • 52mm
    • Digital Display


    • Includes everything needed for installation

    Please Note:

    • This item is not vehicle specific. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order.
    • This cannot be used as a stand along wideband AFR with a bosch wideband 5 wire heated O2 sensor unless you are using a controller! (If you need a complete wideband kit see our Wideband AFR gauge kits


    • Universal

    What's in the box?

    • Mounting Hardware
    • Hood
    • Decals
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