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  • Competition Clutch Stage 3 Clutch Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (5153-2600)
  • Competition Clutch Stage 3 Clutch Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (5153-2600)

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    Competition Clutch Stage 3 Street/Strip Series 2600 Clutch Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (5153-2600)

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    Default Title Competition Clutch Stage 3 Street/Strip Series 2600 Clutch Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (5153-2600) - CCL 5153-2600 $ 531.54

    Competition Clutch Stage 3 Clutch Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (5153-2600)

    Stage 3 Evo X Clutch Kit

    We get why so many performance drivers have Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X models — the car is an amazing drive. It should be a crime to keep an Evo stuck on a track, having to make the trip from strip to garage on a trailer. Competition Clutch agrees with you, which is why the company has made a stage 3 clutch kit that can handle the street and the strip equally well.

    The Stage 3 Street/Strip Series 2600 Clutch Kit for the 2008-2015 Lancer is manufactured with a segmented ceramic material and a performance pressure plate. The kit adds up to 150 percent more torque capacity, meaning you’ll feel quick and smooth engagement from the pedal for a much longer period of time. And when your load is higher, you’ll feel a grab like no other.

    At, we know that shifting is a critical part of good driving. The right shift at the right time can earn you critical seconds on the strip. We love this stage 3 clutch kit for how it makes the Evo even more fun to drive.


    • Direct OEM Replacement
    • Sprung Hub


    • Made To Fit

    Please Note: 500 mile break-in highly recommended with this set-up. However, a 300 mile break-in REQUIRED.


    • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 2008-2015

    What's in the Box?

    • 1 Stage-3 Clutch Kit
    • Performance Pressure Plate
    • All Applicable Bearings
    • Alignment Tool


    • Manufacturer 90-Day Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Comp stage 3 clutch kit/lightweight flywheel/ map drivetrain fluids / map master cyl. Upgrade review

    First off Maperformance is great. I only get my parts here because customer service,shipping/handling is second to none. Everything arrives before/or on time every time without being damaged in transit.
    Second, my competition clutch stage 3 full disk clutch kit is a great clutch upgrade while maintaining stock like driveablity. I can barely tell a difference in petal pressure but under a load this clutch grabs! I also installed the comp clutch light weight flywheel. I'm very happy with these purchases and would recommend the same to any evo x owner who's under 500whp/tq. Map did a fine job selecting all of the fluids necessary to get this job done as well. I even have a little left over in case I need to top everything off in the future!

    Very pleased

    I installed this clutch about 300 miles ago and am beyond impressed so far. First 100 miles were a bit brutal but it has calmed down a lot. I can't wait until I'm fully out of break in to see what it's all about. I bought the car with a slipping clutch (few thousand off the deal, can't pass that up) so the car will be all new to me also. Not really sure about stiffness compared to stock because the stock clutch was trashed when I bought the car. However it's nowhere near as stiff as my mini cooper if that says anything. Very pleased and as of now I would purchase again if I had to.

    Follow up after 4mo installed. Outlook not so good.

    As a follow up to my previous review of this clutch, this is not really working out all that well for the price. If like me you drive a modified Evo X as your daily driver..this is probably not the best clutch for that setting. I'm at just around 5500 miles, 4 months after installation and the clutch plate is beginning to slip getting into first and after longer drives in low gears just during normal relaxed daily driving at the speed limits. I waited 800 or so miles before smashing on this clutch and even then no maybe 1 or 2 dig races (and no launch) and the rest is just spirited driving and highway runs. For a clutch to begin failing so soon under the same driving conditions my stock clutch held for 35k miles..not really impressed. Your mileage may vary, maybe I just got a lemon disc. But replacing the clutch again is going to cost me another $1600+ so this year instead of buying wheels/turbo+tune I'm replacing my clutch twice. Not cool.

    Great clutch for DD and light autoX/track use.

    Had this clutch installed about 3 weeks ago paired with Competition's lightweight flywheel. Now that I'm outside break-in the clutch isn't quite as grabby as day 1 anymore, has mellowed out a little but still grabs very solid at the end of the engagement point. Pedal feel is barely more than stock but definitely a few pounds heavier. Very little chatter if any, unless I slip it a lot getting into 1st. Definitely recommend pairing this with the ACT Monoloc as this is a pull-type clutch in the Evo and would severely diminish the reliability of the throw out without the Monoloc helping reinforce the assembly. Overall clutch is great, I can't say enough good about it, I was really surprised that with this clutch having a much heavier pressure plate clamp force, and it being a stage3 that it would drive so smoothly and is as easy to enjoy for both the daily grind as well as taking my car to do some AutoX and spirited driving. MAP is at this point one of the only places I shop online because of their consistently better selection, and very reasonable pricing. Shipping was fast and everything came well packed to avoid damages during shipping.


    At about 27,000 miles, my stock clutch gave it up under 365wtq/340whp. (only on that setup for a few thousand, most of it's life stock or at 315hp/300tq)... After extensive searching I decided on this specific clutch. Largely because I was reading about a guy who ran this clutch on a setup close to 700whp and launch after launch, he had the best results with this clutch. After talking with my local tuner/installer Tobz in Denver (he's awesome! Can't overrate this guy) explained to me that he had better luck with the ACT kits as far as longevity (15-20k miles if I remember right, 35 being the most he's ever seen, and that was stock). The pedal feel is definitely stiffer than stock. You WILL stall the car a couple times at first, but not bad. Rush hour won't give you Arnold legs, though there is never anything good about traffic. I'm at 51,000, and it's starting to slip under heavy loads. it'll hold WOT in 5th gear (27psi, flat road) if I slowly get there (3500rpm+). However, if i punch it and reach full boost before 3500rpm, SLIIIIP! I was able to get it to slip in 4th too, once. For almost 25,000 miles and 20 months with probably 1-2 dozen launches tops and decent slip rates in city driving holding almost 500 crank torque, I give this clutch a hi 5. To be honest, sometimes I drive very nicely, but with my home-work route being open and secluded, I tend to enjoy my drives ;). I did do a 500 mile break in, but may or may not have done a few pulls during -.-.... Some female driving, but 99% me. Some chatter if I slip the clutch a lot, but usually none. Can't think of anything else. As always, awesome service from MAP. Shouts out to Tobz in Denver too, very good prices and he is also just frickin awesome, honest, experienced and just all around great. I MIGHT give the ACT a shot now, but I'll speak with Tobz and ACT to make that decision. Most likely will end up ordering another one of these.