AMS Performance Titanium 102mm Cat-Back Exhaust System | 2009-2020 Nissan GT-R (ALP.07.05.0007-1)

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Performance Alpha Titanium 102mm Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2009 - 2020 Nissan GT-R by AMS Performance

On turbocharged vehicles removing exhaust back pressure is crucial to improving the flow and response characteristics of the turbos themselves. The Alpha 102mm Titanium Exhaust is one of the largest units available on the market because it combines the mid pipe (Y-pipe) with the rear exhaust section which allows us to create a much larger than standard system. Where most systems implement 90mm pipes, we offer a larger 102mm primary pipe to optimize exhaust gas flow. This reduces turbulence and unwanted back pressure – freeing up horsepower and improving turbo response. Whether you enjoy the drag strip, circuit racing, or even just normal street driving, the Alpha 102mm Ti Exhaust will help boost your GTR’s maximum power output no matter the mode of operation.

With the factory exhaust components weighing in at over 63 lbs it’s not hard to see how improvements can be made with a lightweight titanium exhaust. Weighing in at approximately 30lbs assembled, the Alpha 102mm Titanium Exhaust is less than half the weight of a factory exhaust. It’s even drastically lighter than the 57 lb partially titanium Nismo exhaust. The Alpha 102mm is fully titanium – the piping, mufflers, tips, and even the flanges are 100% titanium.

While the Alpha 102mm Titanium Exhaust does reduce weight drastically over the factory unit, sacrifices to fitment and usability have not been made. The Alpha 102mm still incorporates all 5 mounting points that are available, where many aftermarket systems only utilize 3 of these points. This gives additional stability and distributes stresses evenly throughout the exhaust, greatly reducing the likelihood of bending or breaking exhaust hangers. Also incorporated are hybrid titanium and stainless steel flex sections on the mid pipe. This hybrid construction allows us to take advantage of the flexible properties of steel while still keeping the system as lightweight as possible via titanium construction. This gives additional flexibility during normal engine movement to minimize stress on the exhaust piping, greatly reducing the likelihood of breaking or cracking exhaust welds.


  • Adds an exotic tone to your GTR’s exhaust note
  • Less than half the weight compared to stock
  • Motorsport grade titanium material throughout
  • Massive 28% increase in cross sectional area over 90mm systems
  • Drastically increased exhaust flow over standard 90mm systems
  • Added exhaust flow means more horsepower capability
  • V-band clamp design for trouble free operation


  • 2009 - 2020 Nissan GT-R

What's In The Box?

  • 3 - Main Exhaust Pipes
  • 4 - Exhaust Tips
  • Installation Hardware


  • AMS Performance Limited Warranty

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