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2015-2019 Subaru WRX/STi

COBB Accessport V3

The Key to Quick

Are you ready to go fast?? Are you tired of those bone stock HP numbers?? If so, then the Cobb Accessport is for you! Aside from monitoring your engine health and having the ability to change maps whenever you need, the Cobb Accessport V3 bridges the gap between you and OTS tunes designed for your car at various levels of modification - even if it's bone stock. When you purchase your Cobb Accessport V3 from MAPerformance, we also include our Stage 1 OTS tune for free! This OTS tune brings your car up to 268WHP with just a quick ECU flash.

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FREE MAPerformance OTS Tune Support

We'll support your build with our OTS tunes as you upgrade using MAP parts.

Instant HP Gains

Flash your car's ECU whenever you want for any needs.

OTS Tunes

Load off the shelf (OTS) tunes from anyone, anywhere.

Monitor ECU Readouts

Monitor your engines health with custom gauge displays.

Unlock your cars potential.

Feel the difference.

Cobb Accessport has been the go-to
first mod for WRX and STi owners since 1999.

More Power

Increasing the power your Subaru makes has never been easier than with the Cobb Accessport. It's no secret that your Subaru WRX engine leaves some room on the table for improvement (even with stock internals). Your Cobb Accessport will come with preloaded tunes for your stock Subie and increase the power.

Better Health

Know with absolute certainty that your engine is running properly. Never play the "why is my engine making this sound" game again! With Cobb Accessport you'll be able to monitor engine health, check codes, and more!

Easy to Use

The Cobb Accessport is truly as "plug and play" as it gets when it comes to engine tuning. Simply unbox, update, and install. It's as easy as that. Plus, if you get confused, we have all the supporting videos and guides to walk you step-by-step through the process.


How do I use a Cobb Accessport?

Installing your Cobb Accessport is an incredibly easy task! Operating the Accessport for daily use is also very intuitive. We've gone ahead and put together a guide below that helps answer every common question we get about using a Cobb Accessport, and the guide on installation as well!

OTS Tunes

How do I get a FREE MAPerformance tune?

Our MAPerformance tunes are built to increase the performance of a bone stock WRX. Our tune has been known to get the most out of the stock set up, and make the car as aggressive as possible! And we can't forget to mention that when you purchase your Cobb Accessport from us, we send you our Stage 1 tune for FREE!

Also, when you upgrade other parts such as your downpipe or intake, we support your build with our other Stage 1+ or Stage 2 OTS tunes for FREE!

What are people saying about
their Cobb Accessport?

Top 3 Reasons Why a Cobb AP Should
Be The First Mod For Your 2015+ WRX

If you own a WRX or an STi and are ready to break that warranty then chances are you’ve already heard of Cobb. You’ve probably done some research and are familiar with their products. When the time comes to start buying parts for your new car, you start looking into what your FIRST mod should be. So here are our top 3 reasons why a Cobb Accessport should be the FIRST mod you do on your 2015+ WRX or STi.


  1.   Monitor ECU Readouts

We know there’s a huge list of mods you want and maybe you even know which payday you’ll be able to afford them! The further you modify your WRX or STi’s engine the more tuning will be required to keep it running optimally. For example: adding an aftermarket intake will allow for more air, but without adding more fuel you will run lean and could possibly do irreversible damage to your engine! With a Cobb Accessport you’ll be able to monitor your AFR’s and keep your car running smoothly.


  1.   OTS Tunes

Off The Shelf (OTS) Tunes are great for helping to keep your car running properly as you modify your car with various bolt-ons. With the aid of a Cobb Accessport you’ll be able to utilize OTS Tunes and reflash your ECU every time you add new parts. Keep in mind that “not all parts are created equal!” A Cold Air Intake from one manufacturer will perform differently than a Cold Air Intake from another manufacturer. So if you use an OTS Tune that was built for a 2015+ WRX with an MAPerformance Intake but you have an AEM Intake the tune won’t work.

  1.   Instant HP Gains

Piggy-backing off of number 2: You can leave your car 100% stock and reflash your ECU with our MAPerformance Stage 1 Tune. With this tune on 91 Octane gas you would be making 252whp and 278wtq. If you have access to it, try 93 Octane gas: you would be making 268whp and 295wtq! Both of these are HUGE jumps from stock numbers and don’t require any additional parts - stay stock.... ish! This is something that should not be ignored and DEFINITELY puts a grin on most enthusiasts faces.

(By the way, we include our OTS Tune for FREE when you purchase your Cobb Accessport through us and will continue to provide our OTS Tunes at no cost as you upgrade your other parts with our MAPerformance products.)


And that’s it! The Cobb Accessport has been known to provide the best WHP/WTQ gains per dollar. At the end of the day what else could a guy ask for?? There aren’t many performance mods you can buy without needing to tune your engine, so starting with the Accessport makes sense.

Already have a Cobb Accessport, and looking for some “next-steps” guidance? Check out our articles below!

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2015-2019 Subaru WRX/STI MAPerformance Cobb Accessport FAQ

2015+ WRX Cobb Accessport from MAPerformance Customer Review


What services does MAPerformance offer? Will you revise my tunes if I send in logs?

MAPerformance does not offer tuning support, consultation or custom files. We do not provide E-Tuning support and we do not require or regularly request log files to be sent in to confirm the condition of the vehicle. The product we offer is an OTS or “off the shelf tune.” These tunes are intended to provide a tuning solution for specific MAP produced hardware configurations.

Much like any hardware manufacturing process, we do take steps to ensure we are delivering a quality product to our customers. We do not offer custom tunes or hybrid tunes for hardware combinations that are not our own.

How will I receive my FREE tune file?

We will email your tune file!

How long will it take for me to receive my tune file?

We are open Monday-Friday, 6AM - 6PM Central Standard Time. Please allow up to 24 business hours to receive your tune.

Is it safe to run a higher octane tune with my lower octane or octane sourced from a questionable location?

No. If you question the quality of your fuel or the advertised rating, we would strongly recommend that you flash a lower octane rated tune to your ECU.

Are your tune files transferable upon the sale of the car or the Accessport?

No. You must be the original purchaser of either the Accessport or the MAP Tune file to receive support.

Does the MAP Stage 1 OTS tune come free with the Accessport?

Yes, it’s free with the purchase of an Accessport through MAPerformance, and is emailed to you once you receive it in the mail. (Applications where we provide an OTS Tune only)

Does MAP offer E-tuning services?

No, MAP does not offer tuning or E-tuning services. Our OTS tune has been developed in conjunction with our hard parts and corresponding partner and affiliate hard parts.

Can I run an intake with your Stage 1 tune?

No, MAP does not offer tuning or E-tuning services. Our OTS tune has been developed in conjunction with our hard parts and corresponding partner and affiliate hard parts.

Can I run an intake with your Stage 1 tune?

No. Intakes that are advertised as safe to use on factory hardware and factory calibrated vehicles are NOT safe to use on MAP tunes as our calibrations alter the tune in such a way that airflow is a critical component of consideration.

Does the MAP Stage 1+, 2, and 2+ tune work with any other intake?

No, our stage 1+, 2, and 2+ calibrations assume that you are running full MAP hardware. It is incompatible with any other parts and we do not offer support for other intakes or downpipes applicable.

Do you offer any tunes for the Cobb intake (or any other company)?

No, our tunes are developed for use with our hardware. Cobb does offer tunes for use with their intakes.

What mods can I run with the MAP Stage 1 tune?

The MAP Stage 1 tune is meant for stock vehicles only. With the exception of a cat back exhaust which does not affect the tune.

Do I need to send logs into you after I flash the vehicle?

This is not necessary as our tunes are more of an Off The Shelf tune, and does not typically require further tuning. If you do experience any driveability issues, or CEL’s, please contact us.

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