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Tomei has established a solid reputation as a leader in the performance car parts industry with their exhaust produts, with a focus on engine components. Whether you're looking to increase power or enhance the sound of your exhaust with hindering exhaust gas flow, Tomei has the solution.

Their parts are rigorously tested and proven in race tracks across the globe, giving competitive drivers an edge over their competition. When it comes to performance upgrades for your vehicle, trust Tomei to deliver reliable and high-quality results.

From fuel injectors to exhaust products with titanium grade materials, rely on Tomei to take your project car to the next level.

The Tomei full longblock, Tomei elbows, exhaust manifold, and straight pipe are key components in making your project vehicle go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether it’s an Evo or FR-S - no matter what type of sport compact driver, there's just something special about Tomei titanium exhaust systems that can handle extensive high temperature exposure/high heat both at high and low pressures. Shop from the best Tomei products with high quality production and some of the best raw material at the lowest pricing on the web, thanks to the MAPerformance Price Match Guarantee. 

How much HP does a Tomei Exhaust add?

Ah yes, gains for track day! Tomei's design exhaust system with original titanium material is a popular choice among car enthusiasts looking to boost their horsepower, improve engine performance, and unlock weight reductions for true competition. However, the exact benefits depend on the additional work that is done. 

Without tuning, the exhaust may provide an increase in top end power but potentially lead to a dip in the lower end. On the other hand, pairing the Tomei exhaust with a tune can result in a beefed up torque curve in the mid-to-high range.

In other words, for maximum gains and performance value, it's important to consider both the exhaust and tuning as part of a complete package. Overall, Tomei titanium exhaust offers potential for improved engine performance but it's important to carefully consider all aspects of installation and adjustment for optimal results.

Only the most high-quality titanium materials are used in the manufacturing process for that ultimate driving pleasure. From the top-notch performance layout design to the high flow silencer.

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