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Intake Gaskets, Manifolds, & Accessories

What is an intake gasket manifold?

The intake manifold gasket is an essential component of your engine's operation. Located in the middle of where air enters and leaves (intake manifold and the engine), this seal ensures that everything runs smoothly on the open road. These gaskets seal any issue you have, providing long-lasting results.

Can I drive with a leaking intake manifold gasket?

An intake manifold gasket that leaks will make your car run rough at idle. Other common symptoms of an issue include overheating, engine coolant leaks, and poor fuel efficiency. If the leak doesn’t cause engine performance issues, you might be okay to leave the bad intake manifold gasket be for a few months. Over time though, the faulty intake leak will throw off engine performance and cause issues such as misfires or a decrease in power.

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