Cylinder Heads & Valvetrain Components

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Cylinder heads

For everything else you can do to amp up your engine, it comes down to combustion – and in this sense, the cylinder block is the heart of the engine. A good cylinder head and valvetrain are essential for maximizing the effectiveness of the internal combustion engine and pushing air, fuel and exhaust where they need to go. Our automotive cylinder heads and valvetrain components maximize flow for performance so incredible, this chamber of secrets will seem almost wizardly.

We offer performance cylinder heads and cylinder rebuilds that are precision-machined for maximum efficiency and usable power. Cosworth performance cylinder heads and Tomei heads come complete with ported runners, performance valve jobs and an overhead camshaft. For Mitubishi Evo owners, MAP offers five stages of in-house cylinder head preparation, ranging from basic exhaust valve jobs and cleaning to aggressive, efficient port designs and polishing for serious racers. We also offer a cylinder overbore option with multiple choices for exhaust valves, seals, guides and springs.

If you’re looking to do your own rebuild or maintenance, our valvetrain parts run the gamut for vehicles and engines of all kinds. MAP high performance valves use an undercut stem that reduces weight for improved air/fuel flow and RPM limits. Strong seals are vital for keeping fluids and gasses contained, and Cometic head gaskets use three layers of stainless steel for long lasting protection. In our inventory, you can find overhead camshaft products, aluminum valve covers, intake valve guides, beehive valve springs and anything else you can think of for overhauling your valvetrain. We even have sprocket tools and valve spring compressors to make your rebuild easier.

Whether you’re a professional racer or a track day enthusiast, you’ll love the power and reliability that beats in the heart of your engine when you’re done with us. From providing expert advice to testing your head rebuilds at our machine shop, we’ve been trusted to do great work at a great price for a decade and counting. Check out our selection of performance cylinder heads and select heads for any engine size today and feel the roar under your hood.