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Blouch Evo 8/9 Turbochargers from now Available | Spool em up!

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Blouch is one of the leading forced induction manufacturers in the US, and now their Evo 8/9 Turbochargers are set to take on the world!

Stock frame Evo 8/9 turbochargers might be the greatest thing since sliced bread. A pretty bold statement indeed, but completely rational to any automotive enthusiast with a turbocharged car. Stock frame turbo's allow you to keep all of your factory components, while still yielding insane power gains and performance results.

evo89 turbo

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As the world of performance Evo 8/9 parts continues to increase, few manufacturers have been able to stay ahead of the competition while still sticking to their core values. Blouch Performance Turbo has done so, and further proven why they're the leader in aftermarket stock frame turbochargers. Take their stock frame Evo 8/9 Turbo's for example.

These Evolution turbo's combine insane spool and high quality materials to bring you a durable turbo that will continue to operate every time you need it. From pull after pull, race after race, and upgrade on top of upgrade, you'll never have to worry about premature failure. In the rare case that something catastrophic occurs, Blouch will take care of you and ensure that you're a happy customer when the dust settles. The Evo 8/9 Turbo's come in three different sizes, with one journal bearing and three ball bearing options. They are correctly sized to meet the power goals of all enthusiasts and drivers. With power ranges from 470hp to 650hp, you'll find one best suited to your needs.

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