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Okada Projects Now Available From MAPerformance At Unbeatable Pricing...Guaranteed!

Posted on 17 August 2012

Okada Projects Now Available From MAPerformance At Unbeatable Pricing...Guaranteed!

OKADA PROJECTS was started in Japan in 2003 with a goal to develop innovative products in today's advanced ignition system. OKADA PROJECTS see the need for much stronger ignition system to optimized engine performance with lower emissions and improved fuel consumption.
In 2005, OKADA PROJECTS purchased Ignition Solutions which enabled them to launch the Plasma Direct and Plasma Booster worldwide. OKADA PROJECTS have a wide variety of applications which includes Japanese, European and American cars. OKADA PROJECTS also have products for motorcycles and marine applications. Because of OKADA PROJECTS's technological innovations, OKADA PROJECTS has been the leading Ignition manufacturer in Japan today.

Looking for Okada Projects Plasma Direct coils? MAPerformance is the #1 source, we carry direct coils for the most popular makes and models like the 03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9/MR as well as Subaru 02-08 WRX / 04-09 STi / 05-07 LGT, Nissan or Infinity 03-06 350z/G35, and European cars such as 00-06 Audi TT / 00+ A3 / 01-02 A4 / 00-05 VW Golf / 00-01 Passat!

Plasma Direct is the ignition coil with a high power amplifier built in to it. Plasma Direct coils produce 4 times more spark energy than stock coils and also generate an ultra fast multi spark discharge at high RPM.

Spark amperage is increased 100%, allowing the spark to reach many more molecules and therefore accelerate the ignition and combustion process. This is extremely important in forced induction applications but also improves the performance of normally aspirated engines.

Plasma Direct coils increase horsepower and torque throughout the entire rpm range, reduces fuel consumption and improves engine smoothness and idle quality. In addition, all Plasma Direct coils are OBD II compliant.

Best of all installation is easy since each Plasma Direct part is application specific. No splicing or cutting into stock wiring, simply replace the stock coils with the Plasma Direct coils and you're ready to go!

 Okada Projects Plasma Spark and Plasma Quad Pac's are also available, contact us today for the absolute best pricing!

03-06 Evo 4-9 Plasma Quad Pac

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