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Dreams to Reality REVEAL | 550+whp Evo 8 Build Given To A Veteran

Erik Blume  January 03 2018

2017 Was A Great One - This Was Definitely Our Favorite Part

We wrapped up 2017 with a big bang over here at MAPerformance.

After finding our Dreams's to Reality winner Vince (a US Navy Aircraft Mechanic of 11yrs, husband and father), we took in his 2003 Lancer Evolution 8. Vince had goals of 550+whp in the form of a bigger turbo, bigger injectors and an E85 fuel conversion and with the help of our sponsors we got right to work.

Last week we flew Vince from Washington to our facility in Minnesota and revealed the finished product to him and his son. Despite poor weather we were even able to take the car for a spin on the road!

Stay tuned for Round 2 of our Dreams to Reality Program. Huge thanks to our sponsors: GSC Power Division, Radium Engineering, Fuel Injector Clinic, Wavetrac Differentials and Advanced Clutch Technology. So, here's to an incredible 2017 with all of our customers. Thanks to Vince and all veterans and here's to an even bigger 2018!

Now that you have watched that you maay have heard something in the dyno pulls and driving clips… A whining noise. We did too! So this week we put the car on the lift and discovered our glitter bomb duty cycle had been turned up too damn high! 

Tracing the whine to the transfer case, we decided to remove and inspect for damage. The results speak for themselves but after a call with the experts from Jack’s Transmissions, we feel confident that we should have everything back together shortly as the good folks over there graciously volunteered their time and expertise to putting the transfer case back together better and stronger than ever before. Using a heat treated OEM ring and pinion and in combination with the Wavetrac LSD, Vince will have himself “The Beast Mode” treatment.

Unfortunately, this is an unforeseen problem in the final stages of this program but it will be resolved and assure a much more bullet proof Evo for Vince!

Stay tuned for the transmission rebuild video courtesy of Jack's Transmissions!

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