1000whp Evo X! Maybe the fastest Evo 10 on the road today?

We first mentioned this Evolution 10 back in March, but take a look at the improved Wicked White 10 setting the 1000whp Evo X mark!

Back in March when we first blogged about this car being the fastest Evo X, people were skeptical about the build, saying Dyno Sheets don’t equate to time slips. Who can blame them though, as the prestigious 1000whp mark has never been reached on an Evo 10. The owners of the car knew it was time to silence the skeptics and dig a little deeper to build a 1000whp Evo X. Well, the team at Boosted Therapy have crushed their goal with a very respectable 1022whp on a DynoJet.

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Share your Subaru love with the world with Badges of Ownership!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for years, you have probably noticed the diversity of Subaru owners around the world. To commemorate all of the different owners Subaru has released their new “Badges of Ownership”, which allow Subaru owners to order their own badge showing how many Subarus they have owned.

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VR38DETT Midpipe Now Available for 2008+ Nissan GT-R!

Looking to enhance the sound and performance of your Nissan GT-R? Look no further than the MAP VR38DETT midpipe for your solution!

Ask any car enthusiast what their favorite car sounds and performs like. Chances are, they’ll say something similar to the Nissan GT-R R35. After hearing the MAPerformance Nissan GT-R, they’ll think of nothing else when asked that same question in the future. What makes our GT-R sound and perform better than others? Well, the VR38DETT Midpipe of course!

VR38DETT Midpipe

MAP’s VR38DETT Midpipe. Available now!


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FA20 Engine Builds from MAPerformance | Build your FR-S / BRZ engine today!

FR-S / BRZ motor builds from MAP are the perfect solution for those looking to beef up their FA20 Engine for spirited driving ventures!

MAPerformance is proud to include the FA20 engine platform in our ever expanding list of shortblock builds. Available now, we will build the FA20 you need, capable of whatever power goals you desire. Whether it be for drag, road course, or autocross, we never settle for anything but the best when it comes to our shortblock program, and the same is true for our FA20 shortblocks.

 FA20 Engine Build

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We start by taking a stock FA20 block, either supplied by you the customer or a new Toyota OEM Core, disassemble it, and resurface the deck surface. We then square bore the sleeves with the deck surface using our FA20 torque plate. The end results give us the absolute best cylinder wall finish and ultimate ring seating. What we’re left with is a perfect block ready for reassembly!

Carillo FA20 Engine Rods

Carillo FA20 Engine Rods

We then install JE Forged Pistons with Carillo Pro H-Beam rods alongside OEM Toyota main and rod bearings. This combination has proven to be a reliable blueprinted block utilizing the OEM FA20 crank and compression ratio. If you’re looking for a custom compression ratio or would like a lightweight crankshaft, no problem! We can get you lined up with the correct setup for your desired power goals! Just let us know.

FA20 Engine Bottom End!

FA20 Engine Bottom End!

We are very excited to get the FA20 engine added to our list of performance based shortblocks. Keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog as we continue to roll out new products over time. You never know what cool products we’re on the edge of releasing!