Billet Machined Evo X Timing Chain Guide from MAPerformance!

The Evo X Chain Guide is an often forgotten component in the 4B11T platform. A crucial part of the engine assembly, it should be a no-brainer upgrade on all Evo X engine rebuilds!

The factory Evo X timing chain guide can become brittle, and fail over time. Even more, repeated high RPM revving has been seen to be a major contributor in it’s failure. This is no good on cars that see track time and heavy daily driver abuse.

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Evo X Timing Chain Guide

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The Evolution 10 timing chain guide is cast out of plastic. This is acceptable on stock Evolution X’s and most owners wont notice any signs of failure. However, on cars that are built for the racetrack and see hours of track time and repeated redline revs, it’s only a matter of time before your factory guide becomes worn out and doesn’t do it’s job – ensure timing chain accuracy.

Evo X Timing Chain Guide

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As you’d imagine, this can become problematic if the proper measures are not taken. That’s where the Billet Evo X Timing Chain Guide comes into the picture. It’s more durable than the factory cast unit, has slightly tighter tolerances that reduce chain wobble, and is lighter than the factory guide. What more could you ask for?

Evo X Timing Chain Guide

Click the image to purchase the Evo X Timing Chain Guide!

Click here to purchase the Evo X Timing Chain Guide!

Feel free to contact the MAPerformance sales team with questions regarding this Evo X Timing Chain Guide. We’re more than happy to assist! We have many of these guides in stock and ready to ship out today. Keep an eye on the MAP blog as we announce more great items in the future!

FREE Camber Bolts from Whiteline with Qualifying Purchases!

Looking to improve the ride quality of your WRX / STi, Evo X, or R35 GT-R? Whiteline has the solution, and the incentive!

Whiteline Suspension Products are known in the motorsport world as some of the most durable polyurethane mounts and suspension components available. Used everywhere from WRC to autocross, Whiteline means quality.


Whiteline Camber Bolt Rebate

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BMW 335i Oil Cooler Kit and Installation Guide now available!

A 335i Oil Cooler upgrade is a worthy upgrade for owners who enjoy going fast, so check out the MAPerformance 335i Oil Cooler Kit!

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The 335i Oil Cooler Kit from MAPerformance offers an upgrade in not only performance, but also engine life and durability. Cooler, cleaner oil also cleans the engine of harmful contaminants, which ultimately increases the life of the engine. This is crucial on high performance applications such as the twin-turbo’d 335i E92.


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CLA 250 Upgrades from Eibach! The 2014 Mercedes CLA Pro-Kit!

Looking for some CLA 250 Upgrades? Eibach is proud to announce their 2014 Mercedes CLA 250 Pro-Kit lowering springs! Learn more below…

Mercedes CLA 250 Upgrades are some of the hottest parts on the market as of this posting. The Mercedes CLA perfectly mixes sport and class all in one tidy, high performance package, so it’s no wonder people are modifying it. MAPerformance is proud to offer one of the finest performance CLA modifications available: the Eibach Pro-Kit! Take a look at this awesome lowering spring kit below!

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CLA 250 Upgrades

The Eibach Prokit, a Mercedes CLA 250 Upgrade for better handling and steering response.

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Ford Focus ST Parts from a brand you can count on – COBBTuning!

The Ford Focus is a tuner car enthusiasts dream. Make it even better with Ford Focus ST parts from COBB Tuning!

In the market for some aftermarket Ford Focus ST parts? COBB Tuning has released a few parts for the platform, and we think you’ll be interested in checking them out. Take a look below!

Click here to purchase the Cobb Tuning Ford Focus ST Shift Knob

ford focus st parts shift knob

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