MAPerformance Universal Surge Tank now available!

It’s been long requested, and it’s finally here! The MAPerformance Universal Surge Tank!

Using design ideas from some of the most popular surge tanks on the market, we combined them all and then went a step further and made them better! So if you’re in the need for some more fuel, the MAPerformance Dual Pump Surge Tank is just what you need!

maperformance dual pump surge tank

Click the image to purchase your own MAPerformance Dual Pump Surge Tank!

Let’s start with the housing. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished in black anodization, you’re getting a rock solid tank and pump hanger that also looks amazing! Measuring¬†6″x6″x7.5″, the MAP Dual Pump Surge Tank will hold approximately 1.5 liters of fuel with both pumps installed. You’ll be able to mount this tank in three different positions to suite your needs: either vertical, horizontal, or at a 45* angle. [Continue Reading]

Looking for Fuel? NEW Direct Fit 320lph E85 Compatible AEM Fuel Pumps!

Need More Power? AEM Has the Answer!

For as long as people have modded cars, the quest for more power has been limited by the lack of proper fueling. AEM has been a leader in fueling innovations for many years, and they’re continuing to push the quantum quest for power with the NEW AEM 50-1220 and AEM 50-1215 fuel pump kits.

Available in two premium packages (on with mounting hangers and one without hangers) you can get the best fueling solution for your needs. With common applications such as Evo 8/9, Evo X, Honda S2000, 02+ Subaru WRX, and 1G/2G DSM’s, the AEM E85 320LPH fuel pumps are available for some of the most popular vehicles on the street today!

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