BMW 335i Oil Cooler Kit and Installation Guide now available!

A 335i Oil Cooler upgrade is a worthy upgrade for owners who enjoy going fast, so check out the MAPerformance 335i Oil Cooler Kit!

Click here to purchase your BMW 335i Oil Cooler Kit!

The 335i Oil Cooler Kit from MAPerformance offers an upgrade in not only performance, but also engine life and durability. Cooler, cleaner oil also cleans the engine of harmful contaminants, which ultimately increases the life of the engine. This is crucial on high performance applications such as the twin-turbo’d 335i E92.


Click the image to purchase your BMW 335i Oil Cooler kit!

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CLA 250 Upgrades from Eibach! The 2014 Mercedes CLA Pro-Kit!

Looking for some CLA 250 Upgrades? Eibach is proud to announce their 2014 Mercedes CLA 250 Pro-Kit lowering springs! Learn more below…

Mercedes CLA 250 Upgrades are some of the hottest parts on the market as of this posting. The Mercedes CLA perfectly mixes sport and class all in one tidy, high performance package, so it’s no wonder people are modifying it. MAPerformance is proud to offer one of the finest performance CLA modifications available: the Eibach Pro-Kit! Take a look at this awesome lowering spring kit below!

Click here to purchase your EIBACH Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs for the 2014 Mercedes CLA250

CLA 250 Upgrades

The Eibach Prokit, a Mercedes CLA 250 Upgrade for better handling and steering response.

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Ford Focus ST Parts from a brand you can count on – COBBTuning!

The Ford Focus is a tuner car enthusiasts dream. Make it even better with Ford Focus ST parts from COBB Tuning!

In the market for some aftermarket Ford Focus ST parts? COBB Tuning has released a few parts for the platform, and we think you’ll be interested in checking them out. Take a look below!

Click here to purchase the Cobb Tuning Ford Focus ST Shift Knob

ford focus st parts shift knob

Click the image to purchase the Focus ST shift knob!

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The Accessport V3 OBD2 Cable that is included with all Accessport V3’s is your standard straight ended cable. Sometimes you need an angled cable, so COBBTuning has released just what you’re looking for!

Looking for a more permanent Accessport V3 OBD2 cable that hides itself neatly under your dash? Or perhaps your cable suffered a freak razor blade accident and is now in two pieces and you simply need a replacement cable. Fret not, as COBB has released three Accessport V3 OBD2 Cable options to fit your needs!

Click here to purchase the COBB Tuning Accessport V3 Straight Exit OBD2 Cable

accessport straight cable

Click the image to purchase the AccessPort Straight Ended Cable!

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MORE Ford Fiesta ST Engine Parts from COBB Tuning!

Last week we announced the release of some great Fiesta ST engine parts from CobbTuning. This week, we’re pleased to announce a few more!

Give your Ford Fiesta a little more punch with the help of COBBTuning and their line of great Ford Fiesta ST Engine Parts. These parts add power, increase throttle response, and make your 2014+ Fiesta a more enjoyable car to drive. Take a look at the parts we wrote about last week, as well as the new parts below to get an idea of what Fiesta ST modifications you’re making next!

Click here to buy the COBB Tuning 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Stainless Steel Dual Tip Cat-Back Exhaust

fiesta st engine parts exhaust

Click the image to purchase your Fiesta ST Exhaust from COBB Tuning!

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