Awesome Turbo Clock Looks Great Anywhere!

Turbocharger Compressor Housing Desk Clock from MAPerformance

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This Turbo Compressor Housing Clock accurately tells the time down to the exact second. It features a minute and an hour hand that point to the respective numbers. Its really one of the best clocks out there if you need to know the time.

Our MAPerformance compressor housing clock is the perfect accessory for your home, man cave, garage, or desk. Constructed using a Mitsubishi Evo 9 compressor housing this unique clock has an elegant design and is a natural conversation starter that adds a stylish touch to anywhere.

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Beef up Your BMW with Better Sound and Better Power!

The MAP 3″ Downpipes for 2007-2011 BMW 135i & 335i

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The MAPerformance catless N54 downpipes feature TIG welded, 304 stainless steel construction and a 3-inch design.

We have seen power gains in excess of 25whp and 30wtq with tuning. Coming in at an excellent price point.. you will be hard pressed to find a better $/hp ratio when it comes to the N54 platform.

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Boost For A Cure 2015 Free Parking!

Wondering where to park at Boost For A Cure? Check out the map below!

Boost for a Cure is one the biggest car events in the state of Minnesota, hosted by yours truly here at MAPerformance. Hundreds of hours are spent by our volunteer team organizing, arranging parking, and scheduling events. It’s no easy task, but well worth the time and energy helping those affected by the horrible disease known as Cancer.

There are only a few remaining spots in the show lot, and when those are all sold, the only parking available will be in the two spectator lots. We’ve built this handy map for you to reference regarding the spectators areas. We’ll have a few shuttles leaving every 15 minutes to take you to and from the event, so no worries about having to walk. Feel free to share this map with friends, print it out, or save it to your phone for easy reference on the day of the event!


We hope to see you this Saturday at Boost For A Cure 2015! It’s going to be a beautiful day with amazing weather and great times for all. So come on out, grab a burger or two, and help out towards a great cause.

Looking at Building Your Evo X? Look No Further!

Darton Iron MID Wet Sleeves for the Mitsubishi Evo X

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First off, Wet vs Dry Sleeves. Which is better and why?

Dry Sleeves close off the water jacket. This, of course, means coolant, etc can’t surround the cylinder. Wet Sleeves leave the water jacket there, so coolant can surround the cylinder. This allows for proper cooling. The top to the cylinder is closed off. This closes the deck up top, preventing cylinder moment under heavy boost.

In short? Wet sleeves cool better!

With that out of the way lets get to it. Darton MID Sleeves are some of the best sleeves on the market. With superior strength and fitment Their flanged tops align against each other while still allowing coolant to flow through them.

Many production blocks suffer weak cylinder stability due to poor support in the upper deck area. The manufacturing process of typical “cast sleeves” provide for increased power in low horsepower engines, but does not accommodate high horsepower, high boost, or larger bore sizes.

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How to Avoid Piston Failure | Subaru Performance Tips

New to the Subaru game, or turbo cars in general? Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t end up with a new set of automotive themed paperweights!

Our years of experience in the Subaru market have shown us a few things. The first is how to make a ton of power via bolt-ons, an engine build, and a performance tune. We’ve also learned a few things about what not to do – like how to not blow up engines. Unfortunately, the latter seems to occur very often with the EJ25 series of Subaru engines, and even in stock form they have shown to be prone to catastrphic engine failure. There are a few different theories regarding the failure of the pistons, each one as true as the last.

We’ve assembled this short list of reasons why Subaru STi / WRX pistons and engines fail, as well as a few solutions that every Suburu owner can employ via tuning, installation of a few parts at home in their garage, and remember to do on a daily basis. Continue reading