Cusco Light Weight Aluminum Pulleys | Put Less Stress on Your Engine!

Cusco Light Weight Aluminum Pulleys for your BRZ/FR-S/FT-86

Cusco Light Weight Aluminum Pulleys

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Light Weight Aluminum Pulleys

Cusco’s lightweight aluminum pulley set for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ is now available. This kit includes (3) pulleys : Crankshaft, Water Pump, and Alternator. The lightweight design results in less stress on the engine with better acceleration.

Features and Benefits:

  • CUSCO Blue Light Weight Aluminum
  • Weight reduction resulting less stress on an engine and better acceleration
  • Crank pulley : 790 g (1.74 lbs) vs 2.3kg (5.07 lbs) Stock pulley
  • Water Pump pulley : 245 g (0.54 lbs) vs 500 g (1.11 lbs) Stock pulley
  • Alternator pulley : 76 g (0.16 lbs) vs 300 g (0.66 lbs) Stock pulley
  • Installation time about 2 hours

Cusco Light Weight Aluminum PulleysCusco Light Weight Aluminum Pulleys

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Improve Your Evo X’s Handling and Response

With This Tomioka Racing Engine and Transmission Mount Kit

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Tomioka is a relatively new company with lots of ambition to make a great name for themselves in the tuner-market.

The Tomioka Racing engine and transmission mount kit offers all the best qualities of upgraded mounts with none of the disadvantages.

When an engine is revved up, it lurches over to one side. This can be especially noticeable in High Horsepower high boost Cars like many street and track Evos Today.

When an engine twists or torques like that you lose some of the power to useless movement of the engine. It can destabilize the car as the engine shifts around. The movement is not huge, but the effect is noticeable and in high horsepower applications these things really matter.

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Treadstone Performance TR8 Universal Intercooler

Popular for the Mazdaspeed(3&6), Focus ST and Even Boosted Mustangs!

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This Treadstone Intercooler features superb quality highly efficient bar and plate construction. The quality cast end tanks ensure evenly distributed airflow and low-pressure drop. These intercoolers are pressure checked to 150psi and come with a 1-year warranty against manufacture defect.

  • With a Core Size 7.8″ tall X 22″ long X 3.5″ deep
  • and an overall length 28″ this intercooler is lightweight and compact.
  • And it does not sacrifice quality in the process.
  • 2.5″ inlet/outlet
  • 712 CFM flow rate
  • Less than 1.5 psi pressure drop

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MAP 4G63 High Performance Valves

Black Nitride Coated for your DSM & EVO

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These valves feature an undercut stem in the head area. In addition to reducing the valve weight (which provides benefits in opening rate and RPM limits), the radius of the head is such that it significantly improves air/fuel flow. They enjoy great success when used with stock heads, as well as modified versions. Fully swirl polished. Chromed stems and Stellite tips.

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AEM Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

AEM Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits -6AN to 3/8” & 3/8” Barbed Adapter Fittings

AEM Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

AEM’s Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits measure a vehicle’s fuel ethanol content percentage and fuel temperature, which allows users with programmable engine management systems (capable of tuning for flex fuel) the ability to optimize an engine’s tuning calibration for fuel ethanol content. While many gas stations label flex fuel as E85 (85% Ethanol and 15% Gasoline), actual ethanol content can be much different. Using AEM’s Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor delivers the ability to determine the amount of fuel blend being used at any given time.

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