2015 Ford Fiesta ST R&D Project: MAPerformance Cat Back Development & Pricing

fist rear quarter
If you missed our last update (Downpipe R&D), please click here!

We have a whole lot of product that we are working on. However, the first one is finally completed and is only awaiting final dyno testing, the MAP Cat-back for the Fiesta ST. Below we will go over pictures of the designing process, the components used, features, and pricing.

We decided to stick with a 2.5″ design for the stock turbo, going 3″ on such a small turbo is just overkill and won’t pick up any extra power, just make extra noise. With that decided we loaded up some 2.5″ RathGibson 304SS tubing in our mandrel bender and went to work!

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MAPerformance Ecoboost Mustang: Build Update 8/11/15

Update 8/10/15:

Alright, as promised here are some new big updates. This update will include information on some suspension upgrades, driveline upgrades, wheel/tire setup, and will show some progress of our BEAST of an engine.

First up, suspension. We aren’t going to get too crazy with this right away as we want to see how the car responds on the track first then we will make adjustments and upgrade as needed. So, since the last update we have installed a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Steeda Subframe Bushing Kit, Steeda Transmission Insert, and Juggernaut Power front camber plates. Click to be taken directly to the product!

You can watch our install video of the springs, and camber plates below:
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