Evo X Injector Installation How-To | Choosing the Right Mitsubishi Evolution X Fuel Injectors

Considering Upgraded Evo X Injectors? Wondering if You’ll Need to Purchase an Evo Fuel Rail Adapter or Mitsubishi Fuel Pressure Regulator? Those Questions Answered in our Evo X Injector Installation Guide!

Did you know that MAPerformance has a technical section where you can post how-to articles and installation guides? As enthusiasts, we’re always looking for great, informative tips for installing specific parts. What better way to help your fellow man than by posting a how-to that will help them out in a bind! We received a great submission from an individual who went through an Evo X injector installation and wanted to share this information with the readers of our blog!


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DiabloSport F150 EcoBoost Tunes | DiabloSport announces Intune and Trinity modules for 3.5L Ecoboost Ford’s!

Looking for a little extra performance from your EcoBoost powered Ford pickup? Look no further than the DiabloSport F150 Intune and Trinity tuning modules!

DiabloSport has spent many long nights analyzing the performance qualities of the stock F150 EcoBoost platform. In the end, the DiabloSport F150 ECU tunes perfectly provide a mixture of balance and performance. It’s everything F150 owners have been looking for!

diablosport f150 tunes

Click the image to browse the entire DiabloSport line-up!

Owners of DiabloSport Intune and Trinity modules can adjust the most important aspects of the trucks performance parameters, allowing for the most precise tune suitable to their driving preference. Not sure which settings are best for your driving style? Fear not, as the DiabloSport module can be completely custom tuned by any certified CMR dealer!

diablosport f150 trinity

Click the image to buy the T-1000!


Automotive dashboard programmer and car tuning software with preloaded tunes and support for thousands of domestic vehicles.




diablosport f150 inTune

Click the image to buy the I-1000!


Automotive handheld programmer and car tuning software with preloaded tunes and support for thousands of domestic vehicles.




By using one of the DiabloSport F150 tuners, you’re not only freeing up any power left on the table, but optimizing shifts, which directly relates to increased fuel economy. Track the truck? A DiabloSport tuner makes trips to the track a whole lot easier, with tunes allowing for highway, street, and strip at the press of a button! Test trucks made 90whp/90wtq over stock applications! Not looking for quite that much power? Fear not, as the DiabloSport F150 module includes 5 pre-loaded tunes, ranging from a high performance 93 octane High Performance tune to a low-end, torque bolstering Towing Tune. Check out this blog post and see exactly what gains were made.

diablosport f150 dyno sheet

DiabloSport F150 Dyno Sheet!

You can get the DiabloSport F150 Tuning Modules, along with the complete line-up of DiabloSport Trinity and DiabloSport Intune handheld modules at MAPerformance! Be sure to contact us regarding any questions you have about these products, as they are a great upgrade for daily driven weekend warriors!

Learn more about the Trinity T-1000 | Learn more about the inTune I-1000

Keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog as we continue to roll out great products! You wont want to miss an update!

SCCA Solo Tour in a Street Touring Ultra built Evo 9!

As you may have read here on our blog, MAPerformance offers sponsorship’s to drivers across various different racing outlets. These outlets include autocross, drag racing, and road course competitions like the SCCA Solo Tour. For more information on what it’s like to be a sponsored driver, as well as tips on how to obtain a sponsorship, check out this blog post from a few months ago! Have questions about what it’s like to be on the track, check out this write-up from Doug and Tasha Mikko about their adventures in the SCCA STU Division driving their highly modified Evolution 9!


Scca Solo Tour

Photo by: Alvin Cheng/5HPDecals

Chronicles of a married couple’s race-cation to compete in the SCCA Solo Tour!

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Torque Solution New Product Release | HKS BOV Adapter, Focus ST Exhaust Mount, and MORE!

Torque Solution launches new products, including Focus ST Engine Mount, Genesis 2.0T Throttle Body Spacer, HKS Blow Off Valve Adapter, and Subaru MAF Delete Plates!


Torque Solution has released a new line of performance parts for various models including the Subaru WRX / STi, Neon SRT4, Honda S2000, and Hyundai Genesis 2.0T and Sonata’s. Be sure to check out these great items, and more on our Torque Solution page! Remember, all orders over $99.99 receive FREE domestic shipping! Continue reading

FR-S / BRZ Turbo Kit Installation Guide now available!

We finished an installation of our FR-S / BRZ Turbo Kit in a customer car over the week, see the how-to in the link below!

Who loves boost? MAPerformance does, and so will the owner of this World Rally Blue BRZ after a few minutes behind the wheel. Our FR-S / BRZ Turbo Kit has been making a name for itself with great reliable power and a sweet sound to boot! So, while we were talking with the owner of the car, we decided we needed to do an installation guide with it.

fr-s / brz turbo kit installation guide

Click the image to be taken to Part 1 of the installation guide!

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