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    • MAPerformance Bounty Programs | Cash for Mods!!

      Posted on May 02 2016

      Modding your car has never been so rewarding! Part of the fun of owning and modding a car is the competitive aspect. Proving you're better than others is in human nature, and it's what separates the men from the boys. And now, MAPerformance is helping push the envelope a little further...
    • 2016 Ford Fiesta ST Intake Upgrade

      Posted on April 28 2016

      We Have Everything You Need to Properly Upgrade Your 2016 FIST Intake System! Tired of seeing all your 2015 Fiesta ST friends rocking awesome intakes? Well now you can be awesome too with these additional lines making our MAP Intake fit your FIST perfectly!    The MAPerformance Fiesta ST cold air...
    • Futurepay, the New Car Part Financing Option at MAPerformance!

      Posted on April 27 2016

      We now accept FuturePay, and financing car parts has never been easier! MAPerformance is proud to announce the addition of FuturePay, a neat new way of financing your car parts! Whether you're springing for that new turbo you cant quite afford yet, or need to make some emergency repairs after an unexpected...
    • What are Wheel Spacers and Adapters?

      Posted on April 25 2016

      What are the benefits of wheel spacers and adapters? Wheel spacers are typically used to install larger tires. A wheel spacer attaches to your hub and bolt to the lug nuts, giving the inside of your wheel extra clearance between the wheel hub assembly, increasing the distance between the wheel...
    • Turbo Piping Guide | Intake and Exhaust, and the little stuff!

      Posted on April 25 2016

      Not sure what materials to use for your turbo piping? We have the answers! You've made the decision to turbocharge your car. This is the first step in the quest for power. But this is just the first step in a long journey. The next big milestone is figuring out...
    • Why Choose Silicone Couplers Over Other Materials?

      Posted on April 25 2016

      Silicone is the most popular turbo coupler material, but why? Many builders consider charge pipe couplers as a very important part in the turbocharger system because it carries the compressed air from the turbo to the throttle body. It's job is simple: to contain the boosted air within the pipe as...
    • Ecoboost Mustang Upgraded Intercoolers - Everything You Need to Know

      Posted on April 22 2016

      Thinking About Upgrading Your Ecoboost Mustang Intercooler? We Go Over Stock vs Our Street and Race Kits.  Ecoboost Street Intercooler Upgrade 6061 Billet Endtanks 20x6x5 Core 766CFM @ 1psi Pressure Drop | 980CFM @ 1.5psi Pressure Drop Supports up to 550whp 100% Direct replacement (Works with stock piping) Doesn't require...
    • Looking for Turbo Build Parts? Squirrelly Performance is all you need!

      Posted on April 20 2016

      Funny name, serious parts! Squirrelly Performance has all your turbo build parts at a budget friendly price! If you're budgeting out your next turbo parts list, you're likely going to have to search multiple retailers to find the correct items for hot and cold side, oiling and fueling, and various...
    • Hitting the Dyno? Take a look at our Dyno Prep Checklist!

      Posted on April 14 2016

      Get Ready for the Rollers with the MAP Dyno Day Checklist If you've taken your car to a performance auto shop for dyno testing, there are likely a few things running through your head. The most common concern for many enthusiasts is whether or not their car, something they've invested...
    • Complete Your Build with Varex Adjustable Mufflers!

      Posted on April 12 2016

      No build is complete without an aggressive exhaust tone, and Varex Mufflers deliver the best of two worlds! Lets face it, non-automotive enthusiasts just dont appreciate a good sounding exhaust system. What may sound awesome to your ears may sound like a dying cow to someone less interested in cars....
    • Subaru Owners! Here's 10% OFF the MAP Fuel Surge Tank!

      Posted on April 11 2016

      We've got a Fuel Surge Tank for 2002-2007 Subaru WRX Owners, now 10% OFF! Click to View Full Size Click to View Full Size Click to View Full Size Click to View Full Size If you're like most Subaru WRX STI owners who like to go fast, you'll most likely...
    • 2015+ Ecoboost Mustang Buyers Guide

      Posted on April 08 2016

      Must Have Power Mods | Ecoboost Mustang Bolt On Guide The Ecoboost Mustang features a 2.3L Turbocharged engine. It only took a few months, but people have started modding the car and found a few items that bring the most power to the table, all at reasonable prices. We'll cover...
    • Fiesta ST Air Intake System Now Wrinkle Black from MAPerformance!

      Posted on April 06 2016

      Our Popular Fiesta ST Air Intake System in Wrinkle Black!  You may have seen our awesome intake for the Fiesta already. You may have also seen other manufactures take short cuts in their intakes design which cuts performance! A good enthusiast wants what we deliver; quality design and high flow. Now maybe the Raw finish isn't for...
    • AEM X-Series Wideband Gauge in stock now!

      Posted on April 05 2016

      New from AEM! X-Series Wideband Gauges are the fastest ever! AEM Electronics has been the leading gauge manufacturer for quite a long time now, delivering state of the art technology and gauge performance at a budget friendly price. While their competitors have been scrambling to match the quality of AEM,...
    • Looking for 2016 Ecotec Camaro Parts? Keep an eye on MAPerformance!

      Posted on April 04 2016

      The 2016 Ecotec Camaro is coming to a dealer near you... and MAPerformance will have the Ecotec performance parts you want! Chevrolet has broken new ground with the reveal of their Ecotec 2.0L powered 2016 Camaro LT. Most likely hoping to cash in on some of the glory that Ford...
    • Steam Speed Turbochargers available today! Stock Frame kits for WRX/STI, FA20DIT, and more!

      Posted on April 01 2016

      Steam Turbochargers are available now! Contact us today to trick out your WRX/STI! We're please to announce the addition of Steam Speed turbochargers to our already huge line of aftermarket performance parts. Steam Turbochargers offer some of the finest stock frame turbocharger upgrades in the industry, and we cant wait...
    • Evo X EFR Turbo Hot Parts Kit | Get Boosted with Borg-Warner and MAPerformance!

      Posted on March 28 2016

      Two brands you trust, one awesome hot parts kit for your Evo X. You cannot go wrong with the MAP EFR Hot parts kit! Borg Warner has been manufacturing some of the best turbochargers in the aftermarket scene for many years now. Performance enthusiasts around the globe have come to...
    • Subaru WRX Intercooler Upgrade | A First Look at Your Next 2015+ WRX Mod!

      Posted on March 25 2016

      Introducing the next big thing for the 2015+ Subaru WRX aftermarket! It should come as no surprise to 2015+ WRX owners that the stock top mount intercooler is a bit underwhelming. From it's plastic end tanks which absolutely kill performance to it's insanely undersized core dimensions, many improvements could be...
    • Ecoboost Mustang Race Intercooler | More CFM for more FUN!

      Posted on March 23 2016

      Is your Mustang a Racecar? Check out the MAPerformance Ecoboost Mustang Race Intercooler upgrade! We were one of the first aftermarket performance companies on the scene of the Ecoboost Mustang when it hit the market in early 2015. Producing some of the finest EBM parts right here in the USA,...
    • New MK6 GTI Parts from COBB Tuning!

      Posted on March 22 2016

      COBB Tuning has released these awesome MK6 GTI parts that go well with the MK6 GTI Accessport! These are exciting times for the MKVI Golf, with COBB announcing the support of their COBB Tuning Accessport for 2010-2014 VW Golf GTI's. While the GTI may be a little underwhelming in stock...
    • First Look: Volkswagen MK6 GTI Accessport Tuning Dyno Results (AP3-VLK-001)

      Posted on March 21 2016


      VW Mk6 GTI Accessport AP3-VLK-001 Release (2010-2011 2.0 engines) & Cobb ProTuner Insight! As many have heard the rumors circulating, Cobb Tuning has been quietly at work disseminating their expertise in the Bosch MED17.x ECUs and experience with engineering OBD protocols, to develop and introduce the tuning benchmark to the...
    • MAP Rewards is back, and better than ever!

      Posted on March 11 2016

      Every order at MAPerformance earns you 2% back to use towards your next purchase! A year ago, we launched something unheard of in the aftermarket performance parts industry - MAPerformance Rewards. This rewards system earned you 2% back with every purchase, and that credit could be applied to your next...
    • Need to Breathe Easy? MAPerformance Has You Covered!

      Posted on March 10 2016

      Air Intake & Exhaust Category | MAPerformance.com  In this video Tim does a quick overview of some of our exhaust, intake, throttle body and manifold options on our website. Here you will find everything you need to help air flow in and out of your engine allowing for more power across the line:...
    • Ecoboost Mustang Shortblocks for the competitor in you!

      Posted on March 09 2016

      Take your Mustang to the track with confidence thanks to the MAPerformance Ecoboost Mustang engine builds! We know a thing or two about stretching the stock Ecoboost Mustang engine block to its limits. Afterall, we did set the stock block horsepower record for the 2.3L Ecoboost Mustang engine, making just...
    • Evo X Valves | Performance Cylinder Head Components on a Budget!

      Posted on March 07 2016


      Giving your cylinder head some attention? You'll want new valvetrain, and MAP has the Evo X Valves your engine deserves! Take your engine to the next level, and beyond, with the MAPerformance Evolution X valves. These performance Evo 10 valves will allow you to replace your factory cylinder head valvetrain...
    • Evo X intercooler upgrade featuring Billet 6061-T6 endtanks!

      Posted on March 07 2016

      Get the most out of your Evo X intercooler upgrade with the MAP 3.5" Evolution X intercooler! If you're a gearhead, you probably already know that nothing matters more than airflow on a turbocharged vehicle. Whether you're rocking an upgraded turbo system with hard pipes, larger injectors with E85, or...
    • Engine & Cooling from MAPerformance

      Posted on March 04 2016

      Looking to Build Your Engine? Look No Further!   In this video Aric does a quick overview of some of our engine builds, components and cooling options available on our website Here you will find everything from entire engine assemblies down to every individual part needed to fix or build your own...
    • 2015+ WRX 93 Octane Tunes are ready! Get Yours Today!

      Posted on March 03 2016

      Have a Cobb Accessport? Then you NEED to pick up the MAP 93 Octane 2015+ WRX Tune! At MAPerformance, we believe in excellence. Whether it comes in the form of a built FA20DIT pushing 650awhp, or a bolted-on, mildly tuned 2015+ WRX. If you're not getting the most out of...
    • Turn up the boost, but not without a Fiesta ST BOV Block Off Plate!

      Posted on March 01 2016

      Why do you need a 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST BOV Block off Plate? When you're cruising down the road or mashing on the gas pedal, your Fiesta ST BOV is closed, keeping the charged air inside the turbo system. But when you let your foot off the gas, the BOV...
    • 2015+ STi Tunes | 91 and 93 Octane Stage 1 Tunes now available!

      Posted on March 01 2016

      Does your STi feel sluggish, slow, and as if it's lacking a little ambition? You need a 2015+ Subaru STi tune! It's been agreed upon by owners across the globe: the 2015+ Subaru STi doesnt have the same feel that it's older brothers had. Off the line, it doesn't pack...
    • Looking for an Ecoboost Mustang Turbo kit? 500whp is no longer a dream!

      Posted on February 29 2016

      Take a few seconds and learn why the MAP Ecoboost Mustang Turbo kit is the only choice for you! Since it's launch in early 2015, fans of Ford's turbocharged 2.3L Ecoboost Mustang have patiently been waiting for a game changer in the performance modification area of the platform. Sure, the...
    • Drop the hammer with confidence | Ford Fiesta ST Downpipe Upgrade

      Posted on February 29 2016

      Whether you're on the streer, track, or strip, you'll make use of the MAP Ford Fiesta ST downpipe upgrade! Designed for the performance enthusiast and casual modder in mind, your Fiesta ST will benefit from the MAPerformance Fiesta ST Downpipe upgrade just the same! Price is no longer the determining factor...
    • Get your 2015+ WRX Catted and Catless downpipes today!

      Posted on February 29 2016

      Looking for the best 2015+ WRX downpipe upgrade? Your search ends at MAPerformance! Sure, the 2015 WRX may be new to the performance game, but it's already making quite the splash with help from a few select bolt-on's. One bolt-on worth mentioning is the MAPerformance Catted and Catless 2015+ WRX...
    • What if a Car Lover Became President? What Would You Want to See Changed?

      Posted on February 29 2016

      What We Imagine a Car Guy vs. Non Car Guy Debate Would Sound Like! Who gets your vote?? Let us know who you loved most and what you would want to see if a car lover won for POTUS! A turbo for everyone!Swing by the MAP Campaign Site and donate...
    • Fiesta ST Charge Pipes! The latest addition to the MAPerformance lineup!

      Posted on February 29 2016

      2014 Fiesta ST Intercooler Charge Pipes now available for purchase! If you're on the fence about buying upgraded Fiesta ST charge pipes, look no further than the MAPerformance Fiesta ST intercooler charge pipe upgrade! Made from the finest American made materials, you're getting a product that has had tons of...
    • 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST Intercooler Upgrade | Cooler, Faster, Stronger!

      Posted on February 23 2016

      Get Your Hands on the MAPerformance Fiesta ST Intercooler Upgrade! Turbochargers are an amazing invention, making ordinarily boring cars exciting and even more enjoyable than ever thought possible. However, they don't always operate as smoothly as they should, and this is unavoidable. In the case of the 2014+ Ford Fiesta...
    • Must Have Power Mods | 2015 Subaru WRX Bolt On Guide

      Posted on February 22 2016

      Take Your WRX to the Next Level With Our Recommended Bolt-Ons Also check click here to out our 2015 WRX landing page for tons of great items from other manufacturers We get asked all the time through phone calls, emails and YouTube; What are the first things I should do...
    • Evo X Cast T3 Exhaust Manifold Hot parts kit now available!

      Posted on February 17 2016

      Durable and capable of some serious horsepower! Check out our Evo 10 T3 Cast V-Band Hot Parts Kit! What good is a turbocharged car that doesn't go fast? Well, there are some uses for it such as hauling groceries, taking grandma to the bank, and other non-fun activities, but that's not...
    • Fiesta ST Air Intake System from MAPerformance!

      Posted on February 15 2016

      Purchase your very own Fiesta ST Air Intake System today! It'll be the best decision you've ever made! When it comes to air intake systems, there aren't many variations or options for routing. Typically, the fastest route to cooler ambient air is the winning design. But that's not always an...
    • 2014+ Fiesta ST Catback Now Available from MAPerformance

      Posted on February 09 2016

      Now Available! 2014+ Ford Fiesta Catback Exhaust Systems from MAP! When shopping for your next Fiesta ST modification, take a closer look at the MAPerformance Fiesta ST Exhaust. Really, pay attention to what makes this exhaust different from the others on the market. For starters, we use precision bent mandrel...
    • Putting Together an Exhaust? Need a Entire System? Here is Everything You Need!

      Posted on February 05 2016

      Exhaust Components from MAPerformance Featuring: Downpipes Complete Exhaust Systems Headers / Manifolds Hot Parts Turbo Outlets / o2 Housings J, Test and Mid Pipes And Much More!
    • Get Your Builds Going, America | Tax Season Refunds from MA&P Block

      Posted on January 29 2016

      Get some Tax Refund investment advice from your friends at MA&P Block!   Thanks to @filthiest_wrx for the Tax Season video Idea! Refund season is just around the corner, and we're giving away $200 a day! Thats right! All purchases over $199 will be entered in our daily drawing, and...
    • Extra Capacity Evo X Oil Pan by MAPerformance

      Posted on January 14 2016

      Evo X Cast Oil Pan | High Capacity Race Baffled 4B11T Aluminum Oil Pan Click the Image to Purchase your Today!  Mitsubishi Evolution X High Capacity Oil Pan Features: High Quality Cast Aluminum Removable Baffle Plates 1.5 Quart extra oil capacity over factory Reusable Warranty: Lifetime to Original Purchaser (unless...
    • Why Choose a MAP-built Engine?

      Posted on January 06 2016

      Choosing a professional for your built engine can be a difficult task, so here’s a few reasons why you can trust MAPerformance for your build! Blocks:Used engine blocks are prepared for assembly meticulously through our proprietary process.  All used core blocks are initially hot tanked, degreased and then baked (cast...
    • 2015+ Subaru WRX MAP Air Intake System | Spool it Up Faster!

      Posted on January 06 2016

      2015+ Subaru WRX Intake System Standing out in the crowd can be hard. Especially at large car meets. But pop the hood on your 2015+ Subaru WRX and people are sure to notice the MAPerformance intake system! Sporting a high flow Green Filters Air Filter and the raw stainless look,...
    • Does your Ecoboost Mustang Need More Power? Check out the MAP Auxiliary Fuel System!

      Posted on January 04 2016

      Looking to add some serious power on your 2015+ Ecoboost Mustang? You're going to need more fuel, and with our help, it's never been easier! Click image to purchase your Ecoboost Mustang Auxiliary Fuel System! Hopefully, you've already installed our Phase 1 or Phase 2 power packages, or maybe even...
    • Cobb Aluminum Radiator Shroud

      Posted on November 10 2015

      2008-2014 Subaru WRX / STI (815100) A quality product with easy installation! This COBB radiator shroud will not only dress up your engine bay but also help direct air through the surface of the radiator resulting in better cooling and lower operating temperatures for your Subaru! Features: Subaru Aluminum Radiator...
    • Company23 Ball Joint Removal Tool

      Posted on November 09 2015

      For Subaru (532) Pick yours up here! Features: Will not harm suspension knuckle like other methods while also saving time. Allows efficient removal of commonly stuck front suspension ball joints. 19mm (3/4") hex on drive screw can be turned by hand or with impact gun. 6-sided hex on body allows...
    • Shop at MAPerformance for Rebates from your favorite Manufacturers!

      Posted on November 03 2015


      This Fall, some of your Favorite Manufacturers are offering rebates on parts you love! MAPerformance offers great deals on parts everyday. We guarantee you'll find the best pricing on anything you're searching for. We match our competitors, and offer FREE shipping on all orders totaling over $199! But we also...
    • MAPerformance Complete 3.5" Intercooler Kit

      Posted on October 30 2015

      2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (EVOX-IC-KIT) Are you seeking a complete intercooler kit for your Evo X? Our MAP fabricators have designed the ideal kit that will help you crush the competition in aesthetics, fitment, and power. I mean who doesn't love the look of billet aluminum when it comes...

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