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Air Intake System Benefits -

There are many reasons why people buy high performance air intake kits for their cars. In fact most automotive enthusiasts consider an upgraded air intake of some sort "no brainer". There are 3 kinds of air intakes people commonly refer to: cold air, short ram, and the stock or OEM drop in replacement air filters. All vehicles come with an OEM stock air intake from the factory. The first and most notable benefit of upgrading your stock intake system is increased horsepower & torque. Following in close second place is the fact your engine uses less fuel to power itself, meaning more MPG and better overall fuel economy. Lastly, most aftermarket air intake kits (like those from K&N, Cobb Tuning, AEM, Cosworth, HKS, Injen, Perrin and others) have better air filters than the one that comes installed on your car from the factory. Aftermarket air intakes also offer a different type of sound, a sound that many high performance auto enthusiasts find appealing. In closing, high performance air intakes provide better overall performance for your car. Purchasing a new cold air intake online from MAPerformance is a great way to take your vehicle to the next level without breaking your bank!

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