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  • WORKS Charge Intercooler (Evo X)
  • WORKS Charge Intercooler (Evo X)
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    WORKS Charge Intercooler (Evo X)

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    WORKS Charge Intercooler (Evo X)


    The Mitsubishi OEM intercoolers are light and efficient but have limited capacity and are costly.

    The new line of WORKS Air-to-Air Intercoolers are a must for anyone upgrading their power by more than 20%+ or need to replace their stock intercooler (less expensive than OEM).

    The heat exchanger is a very efficient aluminum bar and plate core with staggered fin design (not straight) for maximum temperature reduction, greater flow and minimal pressure drop. 0.1 to 0.8psi depending on load, boost, RPM, and weather conditions.
    Core Dimensions: 510mm x 305mm x 89mm (rated for up to 675HP)
    End tanks have 2.50" inlets and outlets and are double welded, ported, and pressure checked during the QC process.

    Most customers experience a 12-16HP gain at the wheels before any tuning or without any other modifications.
    As usual, the WORKS Intercooler is a direct bolt-on without any fitment issues or modification to the vehicle. Also available in Anodized Black.

    *The Extreme version (+$110) with core dimensions: 510mm x 305mm x 102mm is rated for 800HP+ and requires modification to the hood latch bracket.

    Application: '08+ EVO X all submodels