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  • WORKS Aperture Throttle Body Evo - Modern Automotive Performance
  • WORKS Aperture Throttle Body Evo - Modern Automotive Performance
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    WORKS Aperture Throttle Body Evo

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    WORKS Aperture Throttle Body Evo - Modern Automotive Performance

    Another WORKS first! There is a science to correctly sizing a throttle body and WORKS pioneered this product by investing countless hours of research into this area during the spring of 2003. The result: a significant reduction in the pressure differential before and after the throttle body that can add 10 horsepower to your EVO, smoothes out power curves, and pays even bigger dividends as you add other tuning parts. Just as important, the Aperture provides quicker throttle response. WORKS leaves no part of the EVO untested and the reward is real power out of a simple solution. Each Aperture features a "WORKS" engraved plate and is assembled and checked by hand for proper clearances. If you are using an aftermarket intake manifold, see our "Max Bore" Aperture II under the WORKS Racing Program. Comes complete with Idle Air control Valve, Throttle Position Switch, new OEM gasket, and installation instructions. The SAS and TPS are pre-adjusted here at WORKS for hassle-free installation.

    All of our Aperture Throttle Bodies are now equipped with the WORKS Aperture High Pressure Shaft Seals. These high-quality seals are rated to 25+ psi (versus the stock 7 psi) and are a necessity for any modified EVO.

    Applications: '03-'06 EVO VIII/IX including RS and MR

    Core Charge

    The Aperture is sold on a core exchange basis. We offer two options: you can send your core and sensors (if sensors are needed) once you place your order and we will send your new Aperture once we receive and inspect your core and sensors (if applicable), or we can charge $400.00 (without sensors) or $700.00 (with sensors) onto your credit card and send your new Aperture immediately. Once we receive your old core and sensors (if applicable) (in good condition) we will credit your card for the full amount. This is convenient as you do not need to have your EVO down for an extended period of time.