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  • Snow Performance Stage 2D (MAF + MAP) Boost Cooler Kit DSM/Evo - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Snow Performance Stage 2D (MAF + MAP) Boost Cooler Kit DSM/Evo - Modern Automotive Performance
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    Snow Performance Stage 2D (MAF + MAP) Boost Cooler Kit DSM/Evo

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    Snow Performance Stage 2D (MAF + MAP) Boost Cooler Kit DSM/Evo - Modern Automotive Performance

    Why Choose the Boost Cooler™ by Snow Performance? Take a look and see why the Snow Performance Boost Cooler™ is your best choice in water/methanol injection. 1. Engineering – Each system has been designed and tested by engineers to ensure reliability and robustness. The Boost Cooler™ will do what it should do for a long time. No failure prone brass, or rubber, is used as the others and our component flow rates are calculated and spec'ed to work with each other. 2. Digital Variable Controllers for different applications – Not just boost actuated, we have specially designed controllers for each vehicle/application to ensure maximum power. Unlike the others, most of our controllers feature true 2D maps facilitating the most correct injection and power under all conditions for the most advanced systems available. 3. High Pressure/ High volume Pumps – Our pumps are specially designed exclusively for Snow Performance to deliver higher pressures and reliability. Features include: higher pressure (150-180+ psi), self priming, integrated check valve, and thermal protection for safety. Each pump is pre-tested and designed to work with methanol unlike some of the others that use off the shelf agricultural pumps. 4. Unsurpassed Atomization – Along with higher pressures, our nozzles are specially designed to spin the fluid supersonically before forcing through a venture-shaped orifice for the best atomization available. Better atomization means more power. 5. Trained technical and tuning advice – trained, knowledgeable technicians are always available to help you. We have more data and hands-on experience with diesel and gasoline applications than anyone so you don't have to guess. 6. Warranty – Life time warranty available. Snow backs it's systems with industry leading warrantees. Compare this to the others 1-year limited warranty. 7. Safety – Our new SafeInjection™ (patent pending) is the ultimate in safety for even the most aggressively tuned applications. This ensures worry-free power in even the most demanding racing applications as well as full power on the street. 8. Proven Performance – All our systems are backed with dyno data proven by numerous magazine articles and more World Records than anyone. Buy the same kit the pros and championship race teams use – buy the Boost Cooler™. 9. Complete kit – When you buy a Boost Cooler™, you get a complete kit right down to the reservoir and tap. Also, we have more kits for specific applications than anyone. Eliminate the guess work - get a kit for your vehicle complete with installation instructions that include vehicle specific photos and performance backed-up with dyno charts. This kit is specifically for Mitsubishi, Diamond Stars, and some Chrysler vehicles. It is very unique and extremely comprehensive because it uses 2 input signals: manifold boost pressure and the MAF output signal (200-2000 Hz). This allows it to more accurately deliver the correct amount of water-methanol under a wide variety of conditions. The start and full dials adjust according to boost pressure, the MAF settings are built into the internal map. Kit includes: 150+ PSI High Volume Pump 2 Quart Reservoir Digital Variable Controller 2 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower All Required Hardware Needed For Installation Comprehensive Instructions *Note: Upgraded fuel pump is recommended for vehicles running three or more large nozzles, if more injection quantity is needed or applications running more than 30PSI of boost. *Note: This kit is recommended for vehicles running factory size or fast spooling turbochargers. Because boost on smaller turbo applications build rather quickly, airflow is still very progressive and works best with this kit as it also injects progressively.

    Important Note: This item is not vehicle specific. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order.