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  • RotorPros Performance Plus Brake Rotors (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • RotorPros Performance Plus Brake Rotors (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance
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    RotorPros Performance Plus Brake Rotors (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9)

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    RotorPros Performance Plus Brake Rotors (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance

    Why Purchase Evo 8 Performance Plus Brake Rotors by RotorPros?

    These rotors offer maximum braking performance in applications with OEM rotor size and stock calipers. They are created from the highest quality (Centric) blanks to ensure the best heat dissipation and superior wet weather braking. The added air surface created by cross drilling, dimpling, and slotting will further increase the rotors ability to dissipate heat, cool your pads and discs, and protect against warping.

    All Rotorpros Evo 8 / 9 rotors come with a one year limited warranty against defects!

    The Technology

    Computer Aided Design (CAD) is employed to determine the optimum pattern for any size and style rotor. This pattern is critical as it must correctly sweep the brake pads to increase initial bite and allow for out gassing while also cleaning the entire brake pad surface. The sweep will eliminate "Hot Spots" and maximize the brake pad friction to the rotor. In regards to drilling Rotorpros uses a "less drilling" philosophy to maximize cooling and reduce rotating weight while preserving the strength of the rotor to avoid cracking failures.

    2003-2005 Evo 8/9 Brake Rotor Options


    Evo 8/9 Blank RotorPros rotors make a great, low cost OEM replacement rotor. Those looking for increased performance over stock should select from cross drilling, cross dimpling, or slotting for maximum stopping power.

    Zinc Plating

    RotorPros Mitsubishi rotors are available with an optional "deep" zinc plating that will protect your investment from corrosion and keep your rotors looking good. Standard zinc plating is silver in color, but can be combined with other color coatings for a customized look, please see below.

    Color Options

    RotorPros zinc plating can be combined with many different color coatings for those that are looking to add some form with their function. Available in complete coverage (please note that the brake pad friction area will turn silver after initial use) or hub only (see images below).

    Important Notes

    • This is for a complete set of 4 rotors. Pairs are available separately, please contact us for details
    • All RotorPros rotors are built to order, please allow 5-8 business days for them to be shipped out

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