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  • RacingBrake ET500 Brake Pads (WRX / STi)
  • RacingBrake ET500 Brake Pads (WRX / STi)
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    RacingBrake ET500 Brake Pads (WRX / STi)

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    $ 82.99

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    RacingBrake ET500 Brake Pads (WRX / STi)


    AGGRESSIVE STREET: ET500 - This compound is offered for the adventurous drivers who:
       - Do not like loud squeaking
       - Do not like a lot of dust
       - Do like extended rotor life

    Being these pads are streetable therefore they are not intended for intensive and continuous hard braking over the temperature and speed limit (see chart) on the race track, otherwise excessive wear may occur.

    ET500 Series Characteristics:

    • Excellent Modulation
    • Consistent friction and torque output
    • Run from ambient temperature (even in cold winter morning)
    • Extended life if they are used under the temperature guide
    • Affordable pricing

    Re-check to see if this compound is right for me!

    All the brake pads must be bedded in properly per break-in procedure. View Performance Street break-in procedure

    • Perfect for occasional light track event (also good on street)
    • Guarantee no-fade up to 1000°F
    • Very low dust, none to minimal squeaking