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  • Precision Turbo Pro Series CO2 66mm External Wastegate | (PROCO2-66)
  • Precision Turbo Pro Series CO2 66mm External Wastegate | (PROCO2-66)
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    Precision Turbo Pro Series CO2 66mm External Wastegate | (PROCO2-66)

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    Precision Turbo Pro Series CO2 66mm External Wastegate | (PROCO2-66)

    Pro Series CO2 External Wastegate by Precision Turbo & Engine

    Precision Turbo and Engine's high-quality yet economical CO2 66mm Pro Series external wastegate was designed specifically for use with CO2-based boost control systems. The wastegate offers quicker response time, accuracy, and durability under the high pressure demands of CO2 actuation, when compared to standard wastegate designs.


      • High grade, high temperature stainless steel/billet aluminum components
      • A 347 stainless investment cast valve body
      • An internal Nickel Chromium Alloy valve
      • 3 individual ports (2 on the bottom can and 1 on the top can)
      • Comes complete with stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges
      • Unique, stabilizing "Precision Pins" which prevent the inlet and outlet flange from spinning
      • Fully adjustable with several different 17-7 precipitation hardened springs for fine tuning


    The PTE 66mm C02-specific Pro Series wastegate is compatible with most aftermarket manual and electronic boost controllers for ease of use.


    • Universal


    • High Strength and Durability
    • Consistently High Performance
    • Precision Boost Control

    What's In The Box?

    • 1 - Pro Series CO2 66mm Wastegate
    • All Necessary Hardware
    • Instructions/Manuals (if applicable)
    • Warranty Information



    Precision Turbo & Engine 12-Month/12,000 Mile Warranty