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  • Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can - Modern Automotive Performance

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    Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can

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    Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can - Modern Automotive Performance

    The Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can will prevent a harmful buildup of oil inside of the turbocharger, intake manifold, intercooler and piping. A catch can prevents oil from getting into pressurized turbo plumbing and stops oil vapors from getting into the intake system that would ultimately lead to lower combustion temperatures and reduced overall efficiency.

    With two choices in size available, the polished Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can comes complete as a kit containing the hose, clamps, fittings, mounting bracket and all hardware necessary for a perfect upgrade in performance and aesthetics for your car.

    Small Measurements:

    • Diameter - 2.5"
    • Can Height - 6.2"
    • Overall Height - 7.0"
    • Fluid Capacity - 480cc

    Large Measurements:

    • Diameter - 3.5"
    • Can Height - 6.3"
    • Overall Height - 7.0"
    • Fluid Capacity - 900cc

    Please Note: This item is not vehicle specific. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order.

    Customer Reviews

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    Solid deal

    1. In the box: The package came through FedEx, got both of them for a solid deal through MAP. I opened the box only to find a second box inside of it. The contents were wrapped and protected, the outer box had a bunch of paper inside to prevent the inner box from bouncing around. Everything was delivered safe and sound, no damages at all.
    Inside, Mishimoto packed everything you would need for the install. Everything was as described, in terms of description there's no complaints whatsoever.
    Packaging: 10/10
    Contents as described: 10/10

    2. First impressions: Out of the box, I picked up the can and kept staring at my beautiful self thanks to the mirror finish. I also couldn't help to worry about the size of the large one since the small one was already huge. The above fittings are plastics, and so are the pieces holding them. They are barely adjustable, not as I pictured. Whenever tightening the fittings, it feels like I might just end up breaking the plastic, and I never know when I will reach that point since it always feels like it could be tightened some more.
    Then we get to the bracket, and we remember that this is a UNIVERSAL catch can. The quality of the bracket and all the necessary nuts and bolts was top notch, no complaints there.
    Quality of parts: 7.5/10

    3. Installation: I gotta remind myself that this is a universal catch can, so I'll be easy on this section. I literally had to park my car at a home depot parking lot to perform this. I ended up getting two custom brackets per can, bolting one on the firewall (as seen in the first picture) and the other on the front bar.

    Overall the fitment was okay, took a bit of mending and bending here and there. The hose was ridiculously short, but then home depot carried a similar hose for five or six bucks for a roll of 10 feet or so. There will be no fitment rating since this is a universal fit, but I will rate it on the ease of installation.
    Fitment: NA
    Ease of installation: 7.5/10

    4. Performance:
    The hose is...