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  • MIL.SPEC 64mm Throttle Body (Evo X) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • MIL.SPEC 64mm Throttle Body (Evo X) - Modern Automotive Performance

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    MIL.SPEC 64mm Throttle Body | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X

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    MIL.SPEC 64mm Throttle Body (Evo X) - Modern Automotive Performance

    MIL.SPEC delivers the highest quality ported 64mm Evo X throttle bodies. Every throttle body is rebuilt and machined to exacting standards. MIL.SPEC 64mm TB's are guaranteed to gain horsepower, increase throttle response and hold boost better than stock.

    Core Options

    We will contact you via email once your order has been placed with information on where to send your core.

    We offer three different options in regards to our throttle body core service, please select the one that fits your specific situation and time line:

    • Have Core, Will Wait: Select this option if you have a core throttle body to send to us and you would like us to perform the services to your throttle body after it has been received. Please note: your core must include the TPS.
    • Have Core, No Waiting Please: Select this option if you have a core to send in to us, but would like to keep downtime to a minimum. We will complete the services on a core throttle body and refund the core charge as soon as we receive yours! Please note that your core exchange must be suitable for use as a core and must include the TPS. Feel free to contact us for more information!
    • No Core: Select this option if you do not have a throttle body to send in as a core. We will track down and purchase a good core to use for your service. This charge is non-refundable.

    To get a 65mm Throttle Body before MIL.SPEC receives your components, requires a deposit which will be refunded in it's entirety after receiving your parts that are deemed in fine working order & don't possess damage or excessive corrosion. You will not be refunded your full core charge if the incorrect year throttle body is sent back or if any sensors are missing or damaged. You have three weeks from the time you receive your new part to send back your core to qualify for a refund and your core must include the TPS.

    Core Shipping

    Please ship your core to:

    Achates Power
    ATTN: Aby Nazario
    4060 Sorrento Valley Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92121

    Customer Reviews

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    Great Mod To Gain Some Power

    The port job done by Mil.Spec is superb as always. This is a pretty easy part to swap on and off. Depending on your intake choice, it should take no more than 1.5 hours to swap from start to end. Throttle response is spot on and fuel economy has not changed. I'd say I probably picked up around 5+ WHP with this mod. It's hard to say as I had a ported exhaust and intake manifold also at the time of the tune. Either way, the setup breathes great and the resulting power is awesome. Kudos to the guys at MAP and Mil.Spec for helping me get this part.