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  • Megan Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Evo) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Megan Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Evo) - Modern Automotive Performance
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    Megan Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Evo)

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    Megan Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Evo) - Modern Automotive Performance

    Mitsubishi Evo8/9 03+Model Number : MR-6554The powerplants in today's vehicle are extremely efficient as technologyadvances every year. Motors are producing more horsepower and torque whilebecoming smaller and lighter to increase the overall efficiency of thevehicle.In performance applications we always strive to push every ounce of energyand efficiency out of our engine's but most fail to realize that the moreyou upgrade your motor that you must also upgrade the other components inyour vehicle to match the output of your motor.Horsepower is one of the most saught after goals with engine tuning which isin actuallity a measurement of energy/heat. So as we increase ourhorsepower, we also increase the heat that our engines push out. Thisplaces a strain on our OEM Cooling systems which can easily be overwhelmed.The radiatior and water pumps are often constructed of metal componentswhich can take quite a bit of abuse. But most forget that the plumming ofour cooling systems are constructed of flexible soft-rubber hoses that areeasily overwhelmed and can burst under the rigors of competition.As the coolant in our systems heat up, they attempt to expand; this is whywe upgrade our radiatior caps, so that they can take the added pressurebefore opening into an evac or overflow canister. At the same time, theplumming also begins to expand which can cause cracks to form and burstovertime due to heat.Megan Racing has now developed a line of Silicone-based coolant hoses thatare designed to take a higher range of heat and coolant pressures than OEMhoses. Silicone has a much higher tensile strength than the OEM rubberhoses which will prevent the hoses from expanding which will keep yourcoolant from creating air-bubbles in the system which can reduce theefficiency of coolant flow throughout your powerplant.Created with competition vehicles in mind these hoses are the ideal upgradefor any vehicles that strive to increase the efficiency of their vehicle theright way.Application:Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII/IX w/ 4G63 Motor ONLY!!!