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  • ISC Suspension Coilovers (02-06 Subaru WRX) S002 - Modern Automotive Performance
  • ISC Suspension Coilovers (02-06 Subaru WRX) S002 - Modern Automotive Performance
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    ISC Suspension Adjustable Coilovers | 2013-2015 Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S (S018-S)

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    ISC Suspension Coilovers (02-06 Subaru WRX) S002 - Modern Automotive Performance

    The ISC N1 coilover is the optimum suspension tool for improved handling for your street or weekend track car. This product is perfect for someone looking for performance, adjustability (height and dampening) and other quality features.Our self-manufactured ISC N1 allows us to have top grade quality control, and innovative R&D capabilities due to our in house/ self-made company dynamic. ISC has been present for over 12 years in Asia and Australia, which accomplished drift, road course, street enthusiasts and podiums alike. Over a decade of experience and feedback has allowed the ISC N1 to evolve into what it is today.


    • 32 Step Damper Adjustable
    • Pillowball Upper Mounts
    • Thrust Bearing Kit Included
    • Adjustable Front Camber Plates
    • Excellent Piston Rod Design
    • Single Cylinder Design
    • Sports Springs
    • Ride Height Adjustable
    • Bound Adjustable with Separate Spring Locks
    • Aluminum Brackets
    • Gold / Black anodized surface to help prevent inside corrosion and surface rust


    • 2013-2015 Subaru BRZ
    • 2013-2015 Scion FR-S


    • ISC Suspension warranties its products to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and material for 5 years.
    • All ISC Suspension products with the exception of Brakes are covered by a limited 5 year warranty that is NON-TRANSFERABLE. The Warranty is limited to the United States and Canada. Professional installation is recommended with all products to avoid the warranty becoming void due to improper handling and or installation. This limited warranty covers Bolt-on components such as bottom mounts, top hats, camber plates, and shock bodies. It also covers shafts and internals such as seals, fluids, pillow ball mounts, and leaking shocks 2 years from the purchase date. Parts and REBUILD labor are covered under the warranty however shipping is not covered.
    • ISC Suspension Bolt-on Components: Lower Mounts, Locking Collars, Spring Seats, Spring Gaskets, Top Hats/Camber Plates, and hardware such as studs and bolts. All Hard Parts have a 5 year limited warranty.
    • ISC Suspension Shafts and Internals: Thrust Bearings, Pillow Balls, Jetting Assemblies, Shaft Seals and O-Rings and O-Rings Seals, Piston Shafts, Shock Absorber Internals; Oil and Fluid & Shock Absorber Gas Leaks. All Consumables carry a 2 year limited warranty.