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  • ETS Upper Intercooler Piping Kit (Evo X) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • ETS Upper Intercooler Piping Kit (Evo X) - Modern Automotive Performance

    ETS Upper Intercooler Piping Kit (Evo X)

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    ETS Upper Intercooler Piping Kit (Evo X) - Modern Automotive Performance

    The upper intercooler piping starts with a smooth mandrel bent 2.5" stock turbo outlet pipe which connects to the remainder of the hot side piping.¬Ý The stock turbo outlet pipe is separate to allow it to be swapped out with the installation of our EVO X turbo kit to come so that the remainder of the upper piping can be retained.¬Ý This ensures that you never have to "upgrade an upgrade" and spend more money on a new upper pipe when it comes time for a turbo kit.¬Ý Making the connection from the turbo outlet pipe to the intercooler is a single-piece mandrel bent 2.5" upper intercooler pipe.¬Ý

    ETS 4-ply black silicone and 100% SS T-bolt clamps are included for every connection to ensure that blown off intercooler piping stays a thing of the past.¬Ý

    Customer Reviews

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    Best online place to buy

    My ets upper inner cooler pipe is sooo sick shipping was fast and parts look flawless I'm really happy with I have bought my exhaust from them too

    Easiest install I've done. Great UICP!

    Just like the title says. Although I had some small install issues with the ETS intake I ordered, this install was done in no time. Take Denlin68's advice, use long sockets or a ratcheting wrench to do the nylocks on the clamps. The screws come out quite a bit once they are tightened. The couplers are strong and its great knowing my pipes wont expand with the pressure.

    Great deal .

    Good price . Free & fast shipping . Amazing Quality . Fit perfect . 10/10
    Thx u map

    My favorit UICP

    First I bought the brushed aluminum UICP from ETS by accident becasue I wanted Black. I got the package but didn't like how the brushed aluminum is easily scratched and mine came with alot of scratches already. So ETS customer service is amazing they took the UICP back (they paid for shipping) and 1 week later they painted it black for me and the paint job was excellent ! I did do this installation myself and it took longer than I expected. I am not mechanically incline. so I rate this 5 out of 10 in difficulty. ( I thought it was going to be easy like 3 out of 10) TIP: Please keep in mind and make sure you have LONG sockets for the clamps screw. when you try to tighten the clamp really tight, the screw will get really long which makes the socket run out of range to keep tighten it.