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  • Cosworth Trackmaster Rear Brake Pads (STi 2002-2015) CFT3008
  • Cosworth Trackmaster Rear Brake Pads (STi 2002-2015) CFT3008
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    Cosworth Trackmaster Rear Brake Pads (STi 2002-2015) CFT3008

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    PART# COS CFT3008 STi

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    Cosworth Trackmaster Rear Brake Pads (STi 2002-2015) CFT3008

    Manufactured in the UK, Cosworth brake pads feature a 1.5mm granulated inter-layer which not only serves to act as a shock absorber, helping to reduce stress on the rotor surface but triples bonding strength, diminishing edge lifting. To reduce the bedding-in or seating-in time - this is the time it takes for the pad and disc to adapt to each other - all Cosworth brake pads are heat seared. This process heats the friction material to in excess of 600 degrees C , toasting the surface , greatly enhancing the performance the first time that the driver applies the brakes. Scorching pads also significantly reduces initial fading - fading increases the necessary force and pressure required to maintain the deceleration of the vehicle. Cosworth's brake pad range offers exceptional performance without compromise.


    • Superior bite from cold
    • Silent running technology
    • "Vee" groove for fast debris clearance
    • Premium grade friction material
    • Consistent & predictable braking patterns
    • Medium-hard sports pad suitable for heavy duty/fast road
    • Track day driving
    • Extremely high friction level 0.7MΌ friction coefficient
    • Strong brake effect through 800 degrees C
    • "Vee" line expansion groove technology for superb debris clearance
    • Fitted with premium quality shim hardware for silent braking
    • Durability Factor 9.5 with minimal rotor abrasion
    • Super fast bed-in typically under 2 laps
    • Heat stable, predictable & heat cycle exceptionally well
    • This track formulation CAN be safely used on highways except in Europe where ECE R 90 approvals are required.This pad has too much brake effect to be compliant with these regulations.