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  • Cometic Complete Top End Engine Gasket Set (DSM) C4422
  • Cometic Complete Top End Engine Gasket Set (DSM) C4422
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    Cometic Complete Top End Engine Gasket Set (DSM) C4422

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    Cometic Complete Top End Engine Gasket Set (DSM) C4422

    Since its inception, Cometic Gasket has been committed to producing superior quality gaskets for the hi-performance motorsports market. They believe that customer satisfaction comes from close relationships with customers and attention to detail; these remain as their guiding principles to this day. To ensure superior performance across a wide variety of engine types and sizes, they manufacture their gaskets from a wide range of materials. Whether the situation calls for the latest in advanced technology like our MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) gasket, or a synthetic blend such as our Aramid Fiber, Cometic has the answer. They combine these advanced materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to provide custom-tailored solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer. Thier design engineers have the ability to analyze the environment the gasket will perform in, select the proper material, and apply the appropriate technology to offer the highest performing gaskets available on the market. This gasket set includes: - Valve Cover Set - Intake Manifold Set - Exhaust Manifold Set - Cam Seal Set - Water Outlet Gasket - Intake/Exhaust Valve Stem Seal Note: This gasket set does not include a head gasket so that you may choose one that suits your needs. Please select a head gasket in the drop down box below if you wish to receive one with this set.