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  • Autometer Z-Series 22/16'' Fuel Pressure 0200 PSI Gauge (2612)
  • Autometer Z-Series 22/16'' Fuel Pressure 0200 PSI Gauge (2612)

    Autometer Z-Series 22/16'' Fuel Pressure 0200 PSI Gauge (2612)

    PART# AUT 2612
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    Autometer Z-Series 22/16'' Fuel Pressure 0200 PSI Gauge (2612)

    Z-Series 22/16'' Fuel Pressure 0200 PSI Autometer Gauge

    Seeing the exact fuel pressure on your vehicle can mean the difference between extracting the most performance safely and expensive failures. AutoMeter’s Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge will precisely measure your exact fuel pressure at levels of accuracy previously unheard of even in professional gauges. Designed for fuel injected or carbureted applications, a simple -4an connection makes installation easy. Don’t take chances with your investment; a precise fuel pressure gauge could be the cheapest insurance you’ve ever bought. For the safety of the operator, it is not recommended that Fuel Pressure gauge are installed inside the cabin of the vehicle. Optional fuel isolators are available for both carbureted and fuel injected applications.


    • Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial
    • AutoMeter’s race proven mechanical instruments provide trusted accuracy while being simple to install


    • No electrical system required for gauge operation - compatible with every street or race vehicle
    • Gauge threaded for -4AN, allowing an easy installation into the fuel system


    • Universal

    What's in the Box?

    • Bulb and socket assembly
    • Red and green bulb covers
    • Mounting hardware
    • Detailed instructions for installation


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